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Best Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Alternatives

Posted by Brian Davis on January 19, 2019 15:52:11 PM • Category: Restore iPhone
4 mins read

The increased penetration and use of internet makes the world beautiful and fun for those of us who are alive today. However, it also increases the risk of losing our data in a flash when tragedy occurs. Loosing data is not something you can prevent 100%. Sometimes an accident happens or even a simple honest mistake can wipe your hard drive clean. Thanks to the advancement in technology, you do not have to fret over losing your data. There are lots great data recovery programs you can use.

One such program is the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software. This is one of the most powerful recovery software that will recover all your lost data in a matter of seconds. It is available for both iOS and Windows and can recover up to 15 different types of files. If you use a Smartphone, the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software should be your number one choice in the events that you accidently lost your data. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, you may not like certain features of the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software. We have good news for you; there are several other alternatives to the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software that you can use. Some of the best Gihosoft iPhone data recovery alternatives to check out are:

1. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery

The number one Gihosoft iPhone data recovery alternative that you will love is the TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery software. This is a professional data recovery tool that can recover up to 20 different types of files. It is both powerful and fast and will restore all your data in seconds. It can recover data irrespective of the cause of the loss be it accidental deletion, upgrade problems on your phone, virus attack or even damage to your device among other causes. The software has a simple design, which makes it easy to use and thus perfect for both geeks and the average Joe.

tuneskit iphone data recovery

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2. iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue program is one of the top alternatives to Gihosoft iPhone data recovery. The program works perfect with both PCs and Macs. It can recover lost files on iTunes, iCloud, and even an iOS device. It can recover up to 22 different types of files such as Safari history, SMS, Playlists, Reminders, videos and call logs among others. It is fast, powerful and is one of the easiest to use data recovery software in the market.


3. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is another great alternative to Gihosoft iPhone data recovery application you can rely on to recover your files such as photos, text messages, or contact list in case you accidentally deleted them from your iPhone. The program can recover data from both iCloud and iTunes backup. It can also encrypted iTunes files, Photo streams and even whatsApp messages. it also supports multiple iOS system making it perfect for everyone one with an iPhone or even ipad.

stellar phoenix data recovery

4. EaseUS MobiSaver

This is a remarkable software that you should use when you accidently lose your data. It has two versions the pro version, which comes with many amazing features, and the free version, which is an amazing Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery free alternative for those who want to try out different data recovery systems before making a purchase. The pro version will recover all types of lost data on your phone in a couple of seconds.

easeus mobisaver

5. iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

The iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery application is a very reliable Gihosoft iPhone data recovery alternative. It is designed to help you recover lost data on a damaged iPhone, or one that has been corrupted by virus or any other security attacks. It also recovers all files that have been deleted by accident. It can recover more than 20 different data files and works on multiple iOS systems. It also helps you review files before recovering so that you may choose only the files you want to recover. It is fast and very easy to use.

iskysoft iphone data recovery

6. Enigma iPhone Recovery Software

It can be frustrating when you accidently delete important data from your phone or at times when you lose data as a result of a virus attack. the Good news is that with programs such as the Enigma Recovery you can recover any lost data on both your Mac and Windows devices irrespective of the means by which the data was lost. The Enigma iPhone recovery software can recover lost data from both the iCloud and the iTunes backup in addition to the device. It also compatible with Multiple iOS applications making it perfect for any model of the iPhone you might have.

enigma iphone data recovery

7. Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

This is a great alternative to Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software. It is an amazing application that is both powerful and fast. It can recover up to 20 different types of data files including call history, videos, text messages, notes, contact lists, and photographs among others. It has three data recovery modes, which makes it easy to recover all your data. It will recover data from the iTunes backup, the iCloud backup and even your own device. The system is also quite easy to use.

joyoshare iphone data recovery


If you have ever lost important data on your iPhone by accident, then you know stressing such an event can be. The good news is now you have many data recovery software that use to recover all the lost data. There are several great alternatives to the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery app that you can use as discussed in this article. Among all of these tools, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery performs quite well in any case and is our most recommended alternative to Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

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