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Fix iPhone Keeps Dropping WiFi Connection After iOS 13 Update

Posted by Brian Davis on Mar 2, 2020 10:52 AM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
5 mins read

iphone keeps dropping wifi

Q: "My iPhone keeps droppings its home WiFi signal after I updated to the iOS 13. It worked well prior to this update. Can someone tell you how to fix this problem? Cheers in advance!" - Jimbo from Apple Discussion.

It must be very irritating when your iPhone keeps switching back to your cellular data but actually you're on a WiFi network. This has happened to many people, especially after they has upgraded their iOS system, like Jimbo. If you're also one of them, you are in the right place. In this post, we will explore 8 efficient solutions to help you fix iPhone keeps dropping WiFi connection issue.

Solution 1. Restart Your Router or Modem

'Why my WiFi keeps dropping on iPhone?' One reason might be that you're far away from the network and it's unstable. So make sure you're within the network coverage.

Try other mobile devices to see whether this problem exists. If so, there may be something wrong with your network itself. You can then restart your router or modem, and it may fix the issue. Contact your network service provider or router/modem manufacturer if necessary.

restart wifi router

Solution 2. Turn WiFi Off and On

The second solution is to refresh your iPhone's WiFin functions to clear out some small errors during the update by turning it off and back on. The process is quite simple.

Step 1. Open iPhone and go to the Settings > Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Toggle the switch and turn it OFF and then ON immediately.

turn off wifi iphone

Solution 3. Enable Auto-Join Feature

For some people, your iPhone WiFi keeps dropping out issue is mainly due to the inaccessibility of the Auto-Join feature for your network. To fix it, you can do as follows.

Step 1. Tap the Settings > Wi-Fi on your device.

Step 2. Open the info mark (i) beside your WiFi name and then toggle the Auto-Join feature on.

enable wifi autojoin

Solution 4. Rejoin Your WiFi Network

The next simple solution to prevent your WiFi from disconnecting repeatedly is to rejoin your WiFi network. To do it, you can first forget your network and connect it again.

Step 1. Go to the Settings > Wi-Fi on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap the info mark (i) next to your WiFi name. Hit the "Forget This Network" option, and then tap the Forget to confirm the action. Then choose your network name again and enter the right passcode to reconnect it.

forget wifi network

Solution 5. Restart Your iPhone

This has been an easy yet efficient way to eliminate some minor glitches that usually occur due to an iOS installation. And it may also result in your problem of iPhone keeps dropping WiFi network connection. You can follow the quick guide below to restart your device.

Step 1. Keep pressing the Power button and one of Volume buttons at the same time for seconds. Release both buttons when you see the Slide to Power Off slider appears on the screen.

Step 2. Wait for more than 10 seconds, and then press and hold the Power button again to reboot the device.

restart iphone

Solution 6. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

Another factor that may affect your wireless network is because of your Airplane mode on the iPhone. This can be fixed by doing a quick restart of Airplane mode.

Step 1. Open your device and then navigate to the Settings > Airplane Mode. Toggle the switch to turn it ON.

Step 2. Restart your device by following the steps in the Solution 5 while your device's Airplane Mode is on. Then go back to the Settings > Airplane Mode interface. Now turn off the Airplane Mode again and check your WiFi network to see whether the problem is solved.

airplane mode off

Solution 7. Reset Network Settings

If all the methods above didn't work for you, you should then try this solution to fix the iPhone keeps dropping WiFi connectivity. You can reset your network settings on the device by doing so.

Step 1. Tap on the Settings on your home screen and then go to the General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Step 2. Enter the password if prompted and then follow the onscreen instruction to reset the network to factory settings.

reset network setting

Solution 8. Fix iPhone Keeps Dropping WiFi without Data Loss

Network problems can occur from an iOS update, such as your iPhone keeps dropping WiFi connection. An efficient way to repair it is to use a third-party professional tool such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery. This powerful program is well designed to help users fix various iPhone WiFi issues, such as iPhone cannot connect to WiFi, etc. as well as many other iOS problems like iPhone stuck in boot loop, black screen of death, etc. With a few clicks only, your problem will be solved with no risk of losing any data on your device. Now you can follow the simple guide below to fix your iPhone WiFi keeps dropping out issue.

tuneskit ios system recovery

Why Trust TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

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Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

Step 1 Launch TunesKit and connect iPhone to computer

connect iphone

First, please download the TunesKit iOS System Recovery program on your computer and then launch it after the installation. Use an original USB cable to link your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2 Choose recovery mode and download firmware

download firmware

After your device is recognized by the program, you can click the "Enter the Recovery Mode" option on the left and it will go into the recovery mode automatically. Click the "Start" button to get started, and then choose the "Standard Mode" on the next interface to allow TunesKit software to fix the issue with no data loss.

In the next new interface, confirm your device information and then click the "Download" button to download the firmware package that matched to your device.

Step 3 Begin to fix iPhone keeps dropping Wifi

fix ios

Wait for the download to complete and then click the blue "Repair" button. TunesKit program will start fixing your iPhone WiFi issues immediately. After the repairing process is done, your iPhone shall recover to the normal again.

The Final Thoughts

Here are eight simple yet proven ways to fix the network problem when your iPhone keeps dropping WiFi connection, especially when you just update to the new iOS version. You can try them one by one. If the basic solutions fail to work, you can then give TunesKit iOS System Recovery a shot. It's easy to operate, and you can easily handle it even if you're not a technical person. Hope your issue is solved soon. Don't forget to share your experience with us at the comment section below.

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