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How to Cut Video Frame by Frame

Posted by Adam Gorden on Sep 9, 2019 5:30 PM • Category: Cut Videos
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cut video frame by frame

Have you ever been through this: you've spent a lot of time in defining the cutting points carefully, set the start time and end time as accurate as you can, however after you export the video clips you cut, it turns out to be something slightly different from what you cut. It could be a few seconds extra or couple of seconds missed than your desired video clips. Although there's just a slight difference, it is still not exactly what you want. The time was wasted and you are all frustrated.

Well, this happens all the time if you are using a video cutter not supporting frame by frame cutting. For your information, a compressed video usually consists of keyframes and non-key frames. The biggest difference between keyframes and non-key frames is that keyframe can be displayed independently while non-key frames have to be displayed along with keyframes. In order to keep the non-key frames and the lossless quality, the video clips may include some undesired keyframes.

If you want to trim a video accurately, a frame by frame video cutter is necessary. TunesKit Video Cutter is such a frame-accurate video cutter that allows you cut video accurately to the millisecond. It is designed with 3 ways for you to cut and trim the video clips as accurate as possible. In the following guide, you will learn how to cut video frame by frame with TunesKit's help.

tuneskit video cutter

Key Features of TunesKit Video Cutter

  • Cut and trim video and audio into parts or clips precisely
  • Save and convert the videos to any format with 100% quality preserved
  • Edit the video with special effects, watermark, and subtitles
  • Merge video clips from the same source
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Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

How to Cut Video Frame by Frame

Apart from this video tutorial, we also have breakdowns for you.

Step 1Import Video to TunesKit

tuneskit audio cutter

Download and launch TunesKit Video Cutter. Find the "Open" button on the left, click it and select the video you want to import from the pop-up window. You can also open the file folder parallel to the cutter, and then drag and drop the file to the cutter. For your information, TunesKit supports one file each time.

Step 2Define Cut Points by 3 Ways


Now that the video is loaded successfully, let's begin to customize the segments.

1) The first thing for you to try is the Time Cursor and Slide Bar. Move the Time Cursor left and right to preview the video, and then drag the left slide bar to where you want to set as the start time and drag the right one to the end time. This is the most direct method and it can help you set an approximate time segment.

2) The second method to define cut points will be using the Square Bracket buttons under the time board. Let the video stream and when it gets to where you want to cut, click the left square bracket icon to set the Start Time and use the right square bracket icon to set the End Time.

3) After using the above methods to set the approximate segment time, you can adjust the time to make it more precise. To that end, simply click the chevron-up and chevron-down icon next to the time board or enter the time manually.

Step 3Adjust and Edit Video Clips


Now you finish the basic cutting, you can either keep adjusting the segments or do some editing to it. Click the Edit icon and there will be a window pop up. It plays only the segment you cut within this window and you can use the scissor icon to exclude the frames you don't want. Besides that, you can add special effects, titles, or watermark to your video clips.

Step 4Select Output Format and Export

edit audio

You are one step to the finished work. Choose an output format for your video and don't forget to select the "High-speed mode" to maintain the frame accuracy. This mode is free of re-encoding so it works faster and also make sure you can get the work you've done. Confirm the changes by clicking "OK" and then hit on "Start" to process the video clips. If you want to emerge video clips you cut, check the "Merge Segments" box before exporting. When the video cutter finishes the process, a reminder will appear on the Converted History . By that time you can find the video clips in the output folder.

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