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iconTunesKit Activation Unlocker
  • Quickly bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Remove iCloud account if you forgot Apple ID or password
  • Get rid of Activation Lock without previous owner
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod without password
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5 iCloud Bypass Tools Free Download You Can Try

Posted by Leonard White on May 15, 2024 11:00 AM • Category: Unlock iCloud
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Activation Lock is a security measure by Apple that prevents anyone from unlocking your device unless the correct Apple ID password is entered. However, when you purchase a used iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device, the previous owner may have forgotten to remove their iCloud account, locking you out of the device. This can prevent you from gaining access to the device and your important data.

Fortunately, several iCloud bypass tools are available to help you regain access to your device. In this article, we will explore the top 5 iCloud bypass tools download free. Read on to discover more!

icloud bypass tools download free

Top 1. TunesKit Activation Unlocker

TunesKit Activation Unlocker is an iCloud unlocking tool developed by TunesKit, which can easily unlock iCloud locked iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without Apple ID and password. For instance, it can help you solve the issues like this iPhone was lost and erased, forgot to turn off Find My iPhone before erasing, and this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID, etc. It is a desktop software that can be used on both Mac and Windows computers and it is compatible from iOS 12.0 and later versions. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even non-tech savvy users to get started. It is widely popular among users for its high unlocking rate and simple operation steps.

tuneskit activation unlocker

Features of TunesKit Activation Unlocker:

  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID or password
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Turn off Find My feature without password
  • Turn off camera shutter sound without muting
  • Unlock iPhone/iPad in lost mode without password
  • Available on Windows and Mac
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Here's the tutorial to bypass iCloud locked iDevices using TunesKit Activation Unlocker.

Step 1Connect iPhone to your computer

Download and install this program from the official website. Attach your iPhone to PC using a USB cable. Select Remove iCloud Activation Lock from the main interface, read and agree the disclaimer, then hit the Start button.

tuneskit activation unlocker interface

Step 2Jailbreak your iPhone

You need to jailbreak your iPhone first, the jailbreaking process varies for the iOS version and computer brand you are using. You can follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions and refer to the below jailbreak tutorials to jailbreak your device.

jailbreak ios device

Step 3Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in minutes

After successful jailbreak, please restart this software, click the Start to Remove button, follow the on-screen prompts to put your iPhone in Recovery and DFU mode, then it will automatically start to remove the activation lock, wait patiently, after successful removal, you can reset your iPhone and use the features in it without any limitations.

remove activation lock without previous owner

Top 2. Doulci iCloud unlocking tool free download

The Doulci iCloud unlocking tool is software designed to bypass iCloud activation lock on Apple devices. It's primarily used to unlock iPhones and iPads when the original owner's Apple ID and password are not available.

Doulci has its own iCloud bypass server, which makes it very efficient and successful when it comes to removing iCloud accounts from your iDevice. The website for this tool has amazing support and also contains tutorials that you can utilize to learn how to use this tool effectively. Although the Doulci iCloud unlocking tool is free, you will have to complete a survey in order to download it, and it's worth noting that the official website for this tool no longer exists, even though you can still download the Doulci Unlock Tool for free. It has been discontinued in 2014 and then it will be difficult for you to use this online tool for any purpose anymore.

doulci icloud unlocking tool

Top 3. Open My iCloud

The Open My iCloud Easy unlock tool is also a popular solution for removing Apple Activation Locks. It is designed to quickly bypass iCloud locks with user-friendly instructions for effective use. It is compatible with all iOS version, and without internet connection. All you need to do is to download Open My iCloud for free, connect your iPhone/iPad to PC, and enter your device’s IME code, in just a few minutes, you can bypass iCloud with ease.

Despite its advantages, it has some disadvantages you need to know. You'll need to complete a survey before downloading the tool; there's a chance your computer could be infected with a virus since you'll need to turn off your antivirus or firewall first; the tool doesn't work on Mac computers.

open my icloud

Top 4. iRemove Tools

iRemove Tools is specialized software crafted to bypass activation locks on Apple devices. It effectively removes activation locks from certain iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models, including both GSM and Wi-Fi variants. It can also bypass Apple ID, screen passcode lock and MDM restrictions. But the price is expensive, and the prices vary by iPhone model. An iPhone bypassing the activation lock costs $44.99. What’s more, the software interface is currently only available in English.

iremove tools

Top 5. 4MeKey iCloud Unlocker

4MeKey iCloud Unlocker is a software tool designed to bypass iCloud activation locks on Apple devices. It provides a solution for users who are locked out of their devices due to forgotten iCloud credentials or other reasons. This tool aims to offer a straightforward and efficient way to unlock iCloud-locked devices, allowing users to regain access to their iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches. This iCloud bypass tool can also help your turn off camera sound, and the interface is user-friendly. However, it comes with a higher price tag compared to similar tools on the market, and after removing the activation lock, you may not be able to make calls and use cellular data.

4mekey icloud unlocker

Final Words

This article lists top 5 iCloud unlock tools download free you should not miss. All these tools can help you successfully bypass the activation lock, but some of them are slow to unlock, expensive and complicated operation steps. You can always choose TunesKit Activation Unlocker, which has high success rate, fast unlocking, reasonable price, simple operation steps, and is your best choice to unlock iOS devices locked by iCloud.

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