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How to Download Songs from Beatport to USB

Posted by Adam Gorden on May 22, 2024 11:50 AM • Category: Record Audio
7 mins read

As one of the most electronic music-oriented online music stores, Beatport offers rich wonderful electronic music that makes lots of electronic music lovers obsessed. It is very helpful for DJs and music enthusiasts to enjoy high-quality and new electronic music tracks. Sometimes it is necessary to use those tracks outside of Beatport or even on other devices but if you want to get Beatport downloads to other devices, it is not supported by Beatport. However, we can resort to some third-party tools to help us. In this tutorial, we will provide three effective ways to let you download songs from Beatport to USB so that you can play those songs on more devices.

beatport to usb

Method 1. Get Songs from Beatport into USB via TunesKit Beatport Downloader

The underlying way that makes Beatport music free is to rip songs from Beatport platform. TunesKit Beatport Downloader offers an effective and free solution to help users rip songs from Beatport. This software is a useful audio recorder that allows users to rip and download music from different platforms and music services. Therefore, except Beatport, other music services can be downloaded in the same way. In addition, in case the different format requirements, TunesKit Beatport Downloader offers more than 10 formats for users like MP3, M4A, M4B and so on.

tuneskit audio capture

Key Features of TunesKit Beatport Downloader

  • Record and save an unlimited number of songs free of charge
  • Download and convert Beatport music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B
  • Preserve streaming audio files with original audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Support audio recording, trimming, cutting, and merging
  • Capture audio from Spotify, Apple Music, and any other audio on the computer
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free safe 600,000+ Downloads

How to download songs from Beatport to USB via TunesKit Beatport Downloader

Step 1Prepare to download Beatport songs

TunesKit Beatport Downloader is a computer software so you should first download and install it on your Windows or Mac PC; the above Try It Free can help you get the download right now;

Beatport is an online platform so you need to add a search engine as an audio source to TunesKit Beatport Downloader; click the + icon to add your search engine;

set capture preferences

Audio format is also important that you can set by clicking the Format drop-down arrow; in that pop-up, you can select the output format, audio quality, and other details for your songs.

set output format to download music from pandora

Step 2Play and rip songs from Beatport

Click the search engine icon you just added and then find the Beatport website in your search engine; find the music you want to download and start playing it (if you want to play the full song, you need to subscribe to Beatport in advance); once you start playing the music, TunesKit Beatport Downloader will download it automatically;

how to download music from pandora to computer

Step 3Stop and save downloads

When the downloading task is finish, you can click the Stop button and Save button to end it; those downloads will be saved in the History list; if you want to find the locations of them on your computer, you can click the Open icon in the History list to locate them.

locate music

Step 3Put Beatport songs into USB

Insert your USB drive into your computer; next, go to the folder that saves your Beatport downloads and copy them; after that, go to the USB drive folder on your computer and paste downloads on it; finally, pull out the USB from your computer.

Method 2. Download Songs from Beatport to USB via Online Beatport Downloaders

The other solution that downloads Beatport to USB is to use online downloaders. Online tools feature high efficiency and simple steps, but at the same time, they are not so high-quality and stable. Although online Beatport downloaders are not easy to find, we bring two effective tools.

2.1 TubeNinja

TubeNinja allows you to get Beatport downloads only if you have the URL of the song you want to download. Whether a single music track or a playlist, TubeNinja can download it in easy steps. Here are the steps to get music downloads from Beatport with TubeNinja.

tubeninja homepage

Step 1. Go to the website of the Beatport song you want;

Step 2. Copy the link of it and then go to TubeNinja website;

Step 3. Paste the link in the search bar at the top of the tool page;

Step 4. Click the Download button and wait a minute until the loading finishes;

Step 5. Choose the quality you want to download the song track in and then download it.

2.2 PasteDownload

PasteDownload is an online-based video and audio downloader that supports multiple sites in one place. You can get videos and audios from Beatport by pasting the music URL in the input bar.


Step 1. Go to the Beatport website to copy music URL;

Step 2. Go to the PasteDownload website and then paste URL in the input bar;

Step 3. Wait a minute and PasteDownload will recognize it automatically;

Step 4. Click the Download button below the Audio part to download it and save it to your computer.

The downloaded music can be found on your computer folder. You can connect your USB drive to your computer and transfer those downloads from your computer to your USB.

FAQ about Beatport

1. Why do DJs use Beatport?

They boast curated playlists and access to a number of tracks of any genre. By unlocking full-track previews on the Beatport store, users can add tracks to their playlists rather than buying the tracks. They can use those playlists in their DJ software.

2. How to get Beatport for free?

2.How to get Beatport for free? If you don't have a Beatport account yet, you will be prompted to create an account when you try to make a Beatport mix. You can activate a free one-month trial for Beatport Streaming in DJ.


By following these steps, downloading music from Beatport to your USB becomes a seamless process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – delivering unforgettable music experiences. TunesKit Beatport Downloader would be the best helper to download songs from Beatport to USB. Whether you're a professional DJ or a hobbyist, having your favorite tracks on hand, organized, and ready to play is crucial. Start building your ultimate music library today and take your sets to the next level.

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