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How to Recover Data from A Water Damaged iPhone

Posted by Brian Davis on September 10, 2018 13:10:51 PM • Category: Restore iPhone
4 mins read

My iPhone 6 was accidentally dropped into water and now it won't turn on. Is it still possible to retrieve the data from the water damaged iPhone? If so, how?

recover data from water damaged iphone

Water damage is one of the most unexpected issues people won't like to see on iPhone as it would always lead to serious results, such as device broken, data loss, etc. If unfortunately your iPhone has been water damaged and unable to be turned on, the first thing you should concern is to recover as much data as possible from that iPhone. If you've ever synced your iPhone with iTunes, you can easily recover data from water damaged iPhone via iTunes backup. Otherwise, you need to use some dedicated iPhone data recovery software to rescue water damaged iPhone data.

Here we gathered the most efficient solutions to help you recovering data from water damaged iPhone as well as some quick tips to rescue a water damaged iPhone.

How to Identify Whether Your iPhone is Water Damaged

All iOS devices have their own Liquid Damage Indicators which can help users determine if their devices are water damaged. If you are experiencing one of the following issues with your iPhone, then you'd better go to check the Liquid Damage Sticker on your iPhone to confirm. If it's turned to full red, then your phone was water damaged.

  • * White Screen of Death
  • * Not Turning On
  • * Restart Unproperly
  • * Speaker/Microphone Not Working
  • * Overheating While Being Charged
  • * Apps Crashing Unexpectedly

How to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone: 3 Ways

If your iPhone is identified as water damaged, you are highly suggested to try some quick tips shown in the following part in order to fix the water damage. Or you should bring it to reliable repair store to get it fixed. But before that, you may need to get back the data from water damaged iPhone firstly. At this moment, you should try TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery, a powerful iOS data recovery solution that can easily retrieve any data from water damaged iPhone even without backup.

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Method 1. Directly Scan and Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone

Step 1 Connect and scan your iPhone

scan iphone

Launch TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery and then connect your water damaged iPhone to computer.. Wait till the program detects your device. Then you'll find all the info of your iPhone displayed in the window. Select the data type that you need to recover and click 'Scan' button.

Step 2Preview and recover data from iPhone

recover data on iphone

After scanning, check and preview all the recoverable data. Then click 'Recover' button to recover the data immediately.

Method 2. Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone by Extracting iTunes Backup

Step 1Choose and scan iTunes backup file

select itunes backup

After launching TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery, click the second recovery mode that is 'Recover from iTunes Backup'. Then you'll find all the backup files on your computer. Choose the correct one and then click 'Scan' button to start extracting the data from iTunes backup.

Step 2Recover data from water damaged iPhone

recover iphone data from itunes

When the scanning completes, you are able to preview all the data on your iPhone one after another. Then check any file you need to recover and click 'Recover' button.

Method 3. Recover Water Damaged iPhone Data by Downloading iCloud Backup

Step 1Log in iCloud account

sign in icloud

Open TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery, then choose recovery mode as 'Recover from iCloud Backup'. Enter your Apple ID and password as required to sign into iCloud account.

Step 2Scan and download iCloud backup

download icloud backup

Once logged in, you'll see all your iCloud backup files displayed in the new window. Choose the correct one and start scanning and downloading the backup file by clicking 'Scan' button.

Step 3Recover iPhone data from iCloud backup

recover iphone data from icloud

The scanning process will take a while. After that, you can view all the iPhone data, such as photos, videos, notes, contacts, etc. and recover them to computer by clicking 'Recover' button.

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How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone: Some Quick Tips

As soon as you find your iPhone is water damaged, you are suggested to follow these tips to get it fixed. If you are lucky enough, your iPhone could dry out and back to work again like before.

1. Turn off the iPhone immediately and don't charge it any more.

2. Dry off the wet iPhone with a soft cloth. Don't use a hair dryer to blow-dry the iPhone as it may push the water into deeper part of the iPhone like circuit board.

3. Carefully remove the SIM card out from iPhone and dry if off as well.

4. Put the water damaged iPhone into uncooked rice for around 48 hours.

5. If it still doesn't turn on after 48 hours, you're suggested to take the iPhone to a repair store for a solution.

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