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How to Stream DVD over DLNA? Check This!

Posted by Adam Gorden on Sep 30, 2020 5:26 PM • Category: Convert Videos
4 mins read

dvd to dlna

In 2020, compared with going out to hike or climb mountains, people seem to prefer to watch movies or TV series on the smart TV, phone, or tablets at home. To share videos or music or other files to other family members, what will you do? Maybe most of you will use some apps like Plex or apply DLNA. But for DVD fans, neither of these two ways can work.

Why? DVD format is not supported by them. And most of DVDs are protected with DRM. For these two reasons, you cannot stream DVD over DLNA or software like Plex. However, where there's a will there's a way. We have already known how to do that and have written a tutorial teaching you how to rip DVD for Plex. Today, we are going to share with you a method to use DLNA to stream DVD.

Part 1. What is DLNA?

In the beginning, since some of you haven't had a clear understanding of DLNA, a brief introduction of it is necessary. DLNA, whose full name is Digital Living Network Alliance, is a non-profit organization. It was started by Sony in 2003. DLNA made standards to enable users to share videos, music with each other. More than 200 members and over 9,000 devices have joined in DLNA until now. DLNA-compatible devices include Windows computers, Android phones, tablets, wireless printers, camcorders, flat-screen TVs, and routers. By the way, iOS products are not included. You also should know the DLNA-compatible formats before you try to stream DVD videos via DLNA. Here we list some of them.

dlna supported file types

Part 2. What Can Rip DVD to Stream over DLNA?

To stream your DVD videos on DLNA, you will meet two challenges: one is the format, and the other is DRM. You have to change the format of your DVD and remove the DRM protection. There is a tool that can finish these two tasks at the same time. This tool is a DVD ripper. There are several DVD rippers you can find on the internet and TunesKit Video Converter stands out among them.

TunesKit is such a powerful tool that can rip DVD or any other videos to over 250 kinds of formats including M4V, AVI, MP4, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF. Or you can choose to use it to convert your DVD or other videos to 68+devices like Apple, HTC, Smart TV, and others. We know that you always want your DVD videos with high quality. This tool can rip your DVD without quality loss. The speed of the conversion is incredibly fast. For example, you only need 2 minutes to rip a DVD as long as 120 minutes. You can also edit your DVD videos with this tool to share some clips with your friends or family members.

Part 3. How to Rip DVD to DLNA?

Now we will teach the specific steps to rip DVDs. You can download, install this ripper first.

tuneskit video converter

Main Features of TunesKit DVD Ripper:

  • Rip DVDs to 68+ devices like iPhone, iPad, smart TV easily
  • Convert DVD or videos without quality loss
  • Edit DVDs with its built-in video editor
  • Can convert over 250+ videos and audios
  • Easy of use with clear navigations
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads
Try It Free 600,000+ Downloads

Step 1 Launch TunesKit and Add Your DVD

First of all, put the DVD you want to convert into the DVD drive on your computer. The computer will detect it soon. Launch this tool. The picture you can see is the intuitive interface of TunesKit. Click the button marked and then add DVD files from the appearing pop-up.

main interface

Step 2 Choose Target Format

This step is to select the target format. To convert DVD to DLNA, you can choose the MP4 format or choose another one that we listed above. Click the Format button and then choose the High-Speed mode. Under this mode, you can convert videos fast and also lossless. Choose the General Video button. Under this group it is easy for you to find the MP4 button. Finally, the OK button.

choose mp4

Step 3 Begin to Rip DVD to DLNA

Click the Convert button at the bottom right corner on this page and wait. When it finishes, select the Converted button. All the converted DVD videos can be found on this page.

convert button


We can stream videos, music, or images through DLNA. This is common sense. But you may hold the idea that you cannot stream DVD over DLNA. As a matter of fact, it is not as hard as you thought. Only if you rip the DVDs with a DVD ripper like TunesKit Video Converter, you can stream and enjoy them with ease. Why not download TunesKit and try it by yourself! Then you will know how easy it is.

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