Top 3 Ways to Recover WhatsApp Messages from Broken iPhone

Updated by Brian Davis on Jul 23, 2019 10:02 AM.

recover whatsapp broken iphone

We have all experienced accidentally dropping the iPhone more or less. Some are more fortunate to have used a glass screen protector to reduce the degree of damage. Others however, may not be as lucky as the former as the screen was broken and the device cannot boot as usual, more seriously is the data loss problems of their devices.

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular social app storing tons of important chats, photos and other files, which means that losing them can be a serious issue. If you're having trouble restoring WhatsApp messages from a broken iPhone, you may try reading this post to find out how to recover WhatsApp messages from broken iPhone in the easiest and most trustworthy way.

Part 1. Retrieve WhatsApp Messages from Broken iPhone without Backup
Part 2. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Data from iTunes Backup
Part 3. Recover WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup

WhatsApp Recovery Tool You Need: TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery

First of all, we would like to introduce a powerful third-party iOS data recovery tool to help you deal with this issue which named TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows (Mac users can switch to the Mac version of this program).

What makes this software stand out from all iOS data recovery solutions is its fastest speed of restoring the lost and deleted files on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's the most comprehensive iPhone data recovery with three smart data recovery modes to ensure the utmost possibility of safe and through data retrieval on iOS devices, which means that you can recover WhatsApp messages from iPhone without backup or restore them from iTunes/iCloud backup file. You don't have to worry about the success rate of this program as it is capable of rescuing deleted iOS files in various data loss cases, whether it's because of device lost, jailbreak error, factory reset or other factors.

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1. Retrieve WhatsApp Messages from Broken iPhone Directly

If the screen of your iPhone is working normally and you can still open your device, then you are able to do recovering of WhatsApp messages from your device directly. It can still achieve recovery if you have not created any backups to your iPhone before.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to PC

tuneskit iphone data recovery

Launch TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery and connect your broken iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Leave the recovery mode as the default one - "Recover from iOS".

Step 2 Scan for lost data

scan old Kik messages

When the program succeeds to detect your device, click Scan button and it will start scanning all the deleted files on your iPhone, which takes a while to finish, depending on the storage of your device.

Step 3 Preview and recover WhatsApp messages

recover kik messages

All recoverable files will be listed in different categories after it completes scanning. You can preview them one by one, choose the WhatsApp messages you want and click on Recover to bring them back to your computer at once.

2. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Data from iTunes Backup

If your device cannot boot properly but you have already backed up your iPhone to iTunes before, you are suggested to restore lost WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup. Here's how to recover WhatsApp data from broken iPhone via iTunes backup.

Step 1 Choose recovery mode

choose itunes backup

Open TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery on your computer and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup" mode on the interface. Wait for a while until it detects all iTunes backup.

Step 2 Scanning lost WhatsApp messages

scan deleted Kik messages

All iTunes backup will be displayed on the window, select the appropriate one and click Scan button. You can also tap the "gear" icon of the backup column and select WhatsApp Messages & Attachments to extract them from the iTunes backup selectively.

Step 3 Restore WhatsApp files from iTunes backup

recover lost kik messages

When the scan is done, all recoverable files including existing and deleted files will be shown on the interface, you can view all items and select the specific WhatsApp files you want and then click Recover to revert it back to your computer instantly.

3. Recover WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup

This mode is highly recommended if your device cannot open normally but you have already created backups of your iPhone to iCloud before losing WhatsApp data. Simply follow the instructions below to learn how.

Step 1 Log in iCloud account

sign in icloud

After launching TunesKit, switch the recovery mode to "Recover from iCloud Backup". Enter the Apple ID and the password as required to log into your iCloud account.

Step 2 Download iCloud backup file

download icloud backup

Select the iCloud backup file that contains the lost WhatsApp messages on your iPhone from the interface and tap on the Download button. Then choose the type - WhatsApp Messages & Attachments and click "Next" to continue.

Step 3 Recover WhatsApp from iCloud backup

recover kik messages

After it finishes scanning, all lost and existing data will be listed on the interface letting you to preview and select the WhatsApp files you want, click the Recover button after selection to restore them to your computer in seconds.

The Bottom Line

The above is all the contents about recover WhatsApp chats from broken iPhone. With this comprehensive iOS data recovery solution - TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery, you can also recover deleted WhatsApp photos from iPhone with little effort. So do not hesitate and click the download icons below, then you will be able to get rid of data loss issue on your iOS devices easily. Next time, when someone asks you the question like my iPhone is broken how can I check WhatsApp, you can also recommend this tool to him/her if you feel satisfied with it.

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