get a free copy

Do you want to unlock TunesKit's full features for free? Here are 4 channels we provide to help you get a free keycode for any TunesKit products. You can write a review or share your experience with TunesKit with the public, then you can get a free license from us. Please note that every person only has one chance to get a free registration code for the same product.

Channel 1. Write a review on your blogs/personal websites/forums

This channel is for bloggers, webmasters, and forum moderators. You can write a review (500 words at least) and publish it to your public blog, personal website, or forum that has an Alexa ranking higher than 100K. Once your review is posted live, we will send you a free yearly license. The post should be live for at least one year. If you retain it as an archive file on your blog or website, we can send you a lifetime license.

Channel 2. Record a review video and post it to YouTube

If you do not have a blog or have no access to post a review on other blogs, we also provide a method for you to get a free copy if you can publish a review video on your YouTube account which attracted at least 100 followers. After your YouTube video is live, we will send you a free yearly keycode. If your video has received more than 5,000 views, we can send you a lifetime license.

Channel 3. Review TunesKit on Facebook or Twitter

You can share our products TunesKit on your Facebook or Twitter account and write your review for our product. Of course, the Facebook or Twitter account should contain at least 1000 followers and the post of TunesKit is expected to attract more than 100 likes and 100 shares. After your Facebook/Twitter post is alive and reached the target number, you can contact us and request the yearly license for TunesKit.

Channel 4. Review TunesKit on consumer review platforms

It should be the easiest way to get a free license. If you don't have a blog or website and don't want to share reviews on social platforms, you can choose this method to get a free license. Just write a good review about TunesKit or share your experience with TunesKit software on one of these rating platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, or Facebook. After that, you can screencast your review and send it to us via, and we'll send you a free monthly keycode.