Top 10 Best GIF Speed Changers for 2021

Posted by Nick Orin on Apr 29, 2021 11:55 AM.

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Unlike static images, such as JPEG and PNG, GIF allows you to create animated images and pass on the message tactfully. GIFs are more like a video, but without the sound and being played repeatedly. Now GIFs can either have an animation that is running too slow or too fast. Since more and more video creators use a GIF to reach out to their target audience, it makes sense to work on the speed of the GIF so that the crux of the GIF is passed on to the audience effectively.

Knowing that every GIF will have different requirements, it is imperative to get the right GIF speed changer tool to speed up or slow down the animated video of a GIF. We have curated a list of GIF speed changers that are easy to use and will let you change the speed setting of the GIF.

Top 1. GIMP
Top 2.
Top 3. IMG Flip
Top 4. Easy GIF Animator
Top 5. GiftedMotion
Top 6.
Top 7. Lunapic
Top 8. Online GIF tool
Top 9.
Top 10. GifGit



GIMP is a good video editor tool that will let you change the GIF frame rate. The same tool can be used to edit an animated GIF as well. Other than that, GIMP lets you rotate, resize, crop, make color adjustments, and do much more to any GIF. This is a free tool and one of the most popular tools to change GIF speed.




• Many GIF editing features.

• 100% free tool

• GIMP has a friendly interface and easy to use.


• Longer learning curve. It may not be suitable for beginners.



If you want to change the speed of GIF online rather than downloading any GIF speed changer software, you can try This tool is excellent, and all you need to do is upload the GIF image that you want to edit, and the tool will show you all the editor features that you can try.




• Changing GIF speed happens in just a few clicks.

• You can add text, resize, add a layer, and even crop your GIF.

• You can preview the GIF in real-time before saving it.


• Although this tool is easy to use, the options are not laid out properly.

3. IMG Flip


Another online tool that is easy to use is IMG Flip. Like all the other GIF speed changer tools, IMG Flip also has a few cons, but it offers you a vast range of editing features and customization options. IMG Flip is ideal for those who simply want to do a few editing to their GIF and want to change the speed.




• IMG Flip is a free online GIF speed changer tool.

• It offers tons of editing features.

• Using this tool is very easy.


• The tool can store up to 4MB file only.

4. Easy GIF Animator

easy gif

Easy GIF Animator stands true to its name. Blumental has developed this GIF editor tool, and it is capable enough to speed up and down any GIF. You can download this tool for free; however, you will have to purchase the full version to unlock all the features.


Free trial version| One-time fee: $29.95


• Easy GIF Animator free trial is available.

• It can be used to edit, create, and animate GIFs.

• It has a friendly interface, and a preview feature is available.


• Only ideal for speed change of the GIFs. GIFs created using this tool look dated.

5. GiftedMotion


GiftedMotion is a robust, open-source, and portable GIF speed changer software that will let you change the speed of any GIF easily. The user interface is straightforward, and using it is relatively easy. Adjusting frames is easy; you can position frame and image orders and more.


Free (Open source)


• It’s open-source, and you don’t need to download anything.

• You can create GIFs easily by adding multiple images.

• With just a few clicks, speed will be changed in the GIF.


• GiftedMotion has limited features.



If you are looking for a free GIF speed changer tool, will be an ideal choice. This free tool will let you specify the frame rate of the GIF file and convert it into MP4. Along with changing the speed of the GIF, you can use it to merge different GIFs as well.




• is very easy to use.

• You can resize, overlay, clip, censor, rotate, and optimize the GIF.

• The tool supports online links of images.


• The tool consumes a long time to change the speed.

7. Lunapic





• Lunapic is a free online tool.

• You can use it to remove or clone frames.

• Ut reverses GIF file in just a click.


• The tool has pre-defined speeds. This means that you will be able to change the speed based on the pre-defined speeds only.

8. Online GIF tool


The Online GIF tool is exceptionally simple to use. You can drag and drop the GIF from your computer or manually select it. Once the speed has been changed, you will see the preview to compare the changes.




• Simple to use GIF speed changer tool.

• Let you change the speed of the GIF with just a few clicks.

• Preview input and output GIF frames.


• Very basic features are available.


veed is a fantastic way to change the speed of a GIF video. There are just a few basic steps to follow, and you will be done with the speed-changing process. You don’t need to create an account or download any software. Just upload the file, and you are done.


Free | Paid: $12.00


• works super-fast.

• A free online GIF editor tool.

• Features are good.


• The free version has limited features.

10. GifGit


Editing GIF on GifGit is super easy. Since this is an online tool, you don’t need to worry about download anything. Just upload the file, change the speed, and that’s about it. This free tool will help you change the speed of the GIF with the best solution.




• A free online tool.

• You can adjust tones, color, add texts, filters, effects, and more.

• No watermarks.


• Slow conversion speed.


These are the top GIF speed changer tools that we have for you. Please keep in mind that each one has its own pros and cons, but all of them work seamlessly. The majority of them are online tools, which means you will not have to go through the hurdle of downloading the software. We recommend our readers to visit each of the websites personally and try to alter the speed of one GIF. Evaluate the pros and cons and then decide which one is apt for your requirements. If you want to get more features to edit your GIF, TunesKit AceMovi is the best choice for beginners. Check out the button the below to try it out and make your GIF cooler than ever.

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