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2018 Top 15 Thanksgiving Movies/TV Shows on iTunes
Here we are listing the 15 best movies and TV shows you can buy or rent on iTunes to watch on Thanksgiving 2018 with families.

2018 Oscars: Full Nomination List and Winner Predictions
The 90th Academy Awards nominations were announced officially. Here's the full list of Oscars nominated movies and predictions for the winners.

Golden Globes 2018: Full Winners List
The 75th Golden Globe Award was held in Beverly Hills. Here we are gathering the complete winner list of the best movies and films announced on Golden Globes 2018.

Top 10 Best iTunes Movie Charts of 2017
Apple just unveiled the best sellers of its iTunes movies in 2017. Check out this top list to find out whether you missed any blockbuster.

Top 15 Best Halloween Movies of 2017
Get ready for a scary movie night for this Halloween? If not, this top list of 15 best Halloween movies of 2017 will give you some hints.

Best of iTunes 2016: Top iTunes TV Shows of 2016
This is a look back at the best iTunes TV episodes released in the year of 2016 from fresh, relevant comedies to intricate dramas.

Best of iTunes 2016: Best Movies and Top Sellers
Although 2016 is not good for many things, it's a great year for movies. Here we are listing the best iTunes movies of 2016 from superheroes and musicals to coming-of-age stories, politics, and animation.

Best of iTunes 2015: Best iTunes TV Episodes of 2015
2015 is another great year for a lot of amazing TV episodes to come. We collected some best TV shows of the year 2015 in iTunes Store in this article for you to call back the memory of the great TV shows you've seen this year.

Best of iTunes 2015: Best iTunes Movies of 2015
We are listing this year's best iTunes movies in this article. You can find the best of iTunes movies including Mad Max, Inside Out, Amy, etc. released in the year of 2015 from iTunes store.

Best Horror Movies of Wes Craven
The horror maestro and legend filmmaker Wes Craven died on Sunday at the age of 76. Here let's take a look at the 5 best horror movies directed by Craven that you can't miss if you are horror movie fans.

Top 5 Christopher Lee Movies to Watch
In honor of Christopher Lee's passing, we are listing five of his best films that are worth watching again and again to remember this prince of darkness.

Top 10 Most Popular Easter Movies for Kids and Families
You can refer to the best 10 must-see Easter movies for kids and families in this article if you are looking for the hot Easter movies to watch with the whole family in this Easter season.

2015 Oscars: Predictions for the 87th Academy Awards
This is a full list of predictions for the 87th Academy Awards 2015 winners, including best actor, best picture, best actress, best director, etc.

iTunes Best of 2014: 2014 Best Movies in iTunes Store
Take a look at the editor's pick of the best movies in iTunes of the year 2014, including the best blockbuster, best family movie, best director, best discovery, etc.

iTunes Best of 2014: 2014 Best TV Episodes in iTunes
This is the collection of best iTunes tv shows of 2014, including the tv show of the year, the best performances, best discovery, best breakthrough, etc.

Best Christmas TV Shows for Kids and Family
This article is listing the best holiday TV shows, including the specials for Christmas you can watch with your kids and family during the holiday season to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Best Christmas Movie Collection on iTunes Store
Here you'll find the best holiday movies for Christmas including the top 10 family-friendly Christmas movies, 10 best classic films of Christmas as well as some popular Christmas movies made in recent years.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies to Download from iTunes for Turkey Day
We listed the 5 best thanksgiving movies you may purchase or rent from iTunes Store in order to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving 2014 with your family.

10 Best Halloween Films for Kids and Family on iTunes
This is a top list of best Halloween movies for kids and whole family to watch in Halloween evening and simple tutorial to stream those Halloween movies from iTunes to HDTV.

Top 10 Bestselling iTunes Movies of All Time
As a movie lover, do you like to download movies from iTunes Store? Here we've put together top 10 bestsellers movies on iTunes Store for your reference.

Emmys 2014: Winners List of 66th Primetime Emmy Awards
The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards came to an end on August 25, 2014 in Los Angeles. Now you can check out the complete winners list of Emmys 2014 to see how well you've done in the prediction for the winners.

Remember Robin Williams with His Movies
Comedian and film actor Robin Williams passed away on August 11, 2014. As the most beloved comedy performer, he has left us unforgettable movies with laughter and inspiration.

The reviews and information of "The Lego Movie"
"The Lego Movie " is a smart and genius adventure for All ages. This movie keeps in the top rank for several weeks in iTunes store.

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
The 4 installment of Extinction. It a 2014 science fiction action film based on the Transformers franchise, released on June 27, 2014.

The reviews of "The Other Woman"
It's the top download movie in iTunes this week. This article introduce it's basic information and quote some reviews from internet, as well as provides some tips on how to watch iTunes purchased movie on Non-Apple devices.


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