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Updated by Adam Gorden on Nov. 19, 2019 4:15 PM.

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Although there is consistent request of Spotify integration for the Fitbit Ionic device, we never heard any response from Fitbit for when the native Fitbit Ionic Spotify app will finally come. Currently, to listen to Spotify music on Fitbit Ionic or Versa, the popular way is to pair the phone with Fitbit smartwatch through Bluetooth. But in this way, it's inconvenient as we have to bring the mobile phone whenever we are working out. There must be a way to play Spotify songs on Fitbit Ionic offline, isn't it?

Yes, the best method is to rip mp3 from Spotify, then upload Spotify music into Fitbit Ionic or Versa for offline playback. This post is going to show you an efficient solution to download Spotify music to MP3 and sync Spotify music tracks to Fitbit Ionic or Versa so that you can listen to Spotify music tracks on Fitbit devices offline, even without the native Fitbit Spotify app.

Part 1. Download Music from Spotify to MP3
Part 2. Transfer Spotify Music Files to Fitbit

Spotify to Fitbit Ionic: What Tool You'll Need

In order to play Spotify on Fitbit Ionic or Versa, you should add the Spotify tracks into the device firstly. But here comes the problem. You may notice that it's impossible to sync Spotify music to Fitbit directly even if you have already downloaded the audio files offline with Premium account. In fact, that's simply because Spotify uses DRM technology to protect the streaming music content.

In result, Spotify songs can only be played within the app itself. Since Fitbit doesn't support Spotify integration, you won't be able to directly stream Spotify to Fitbit. To solve that problem, TunesKit Spotify Music Converter is a good choice for removing format limitation from Spotify and convert Spotify contents to Fitbit Ionic/Versa supported audio format. After that, you'll be able to transfer Spotify music files to Fitbit and play them offline later.

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TunesKit Spotify Music Converter Key Features

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  • Organize the output audio by albums or artists and work at 5× speed
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Part 1. Download and Convert Spotify Music to MP3

No matter whether you are using the Free or Premium plan on Spotify, you can use TunesKit Spotify Music Converter to download your favorite songs from Spotify and save them as MP3 format for offline playback. Here's the complete tutorial you can follow.

Step 1. Add Spotify playlists to TunesKit

add spotify songs

After launching TunesKit Spotify Converter on your computer, wait for a while until the Spotify app is loaded. Then browse the Spotify store to find any music track or playlist that you want to play on Fitbit Ionic. Drag the URL of the song/playlist/album into TunesKit main window.

Step 2. Set output profile

set output format

Once the songs are completely imported into the converter, click the top menu bar and Preferences. You'll be asked to set the output audio profile, including the format, channel, sample rate and bit rate. Select MP3 as the output format and move on.

Step 3. Start the downloading and converting process

convert spotify songs to mp3

Simply click the Convert button at the bottom right corner. Then the program will begin to download and convert Spotify music to MP3 as expected. When the conversion ends, you can find the DRM-free Spotify files by clicking the 'history' icon.

Video Guide to Convert Spotify to MP3 with TunesKit

Part 2. Transfer Offline Spotify Songs to Fitbit Ionic

When you get the Spotify songs converted, you can easily add them into your Fitbit Ionic for offline playback by following these simple steps. Now, let's get transferring.

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Step 1. Import Spotify songs to iTunes

Open iTunes, create a new playlist and then import the converted Spotify music tracks into the newly created playlist. Make sure the option of "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" is enabled.

Step 2. Log into Fitbit account

Next, you're going to have to make sure that the Fitbit desktop app have been installed on your personal computer. Then open the free Fitbit desktop app on your computer and sign into your Fitbit account.

Step 3. Connect Fitbit Ionic and PC to the same network

Connect your Fitbit device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. You likely did this when you set up your Fitbit, but if you didn't. You could go to the Fitbit app and tap on your device to scroll down to Wi-Fi Settings, then add your network information.

Step 4. Add Spotify playlist to Fitbit Ionic

Click the Account icon > Ionic tile within Fitbit app. Then click Media > Personal Music. On Ionic, open the Music app and tap Transfer Music. Wait until the downloading and transferring process is completed.

Boom, you've done it. After that, you'll see your Spotify songs being listed in Fitbit Ionic for you to listen to. Now, when you open up the Music app on your Fitbit, you'll be able to listen to your Spotify tracks on Fitbit Ionic or Versa.


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