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Posted by Adam Gorden on November 09, 2017 10:35:41 AM.

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Does anyone know when Spotify will build an Apple Watch mobile app? I'm currently using iPhone to sync the Spotify music to Apple Watch. But that's so inconvenient. It would be much better if there could be a built-in Spotify app within Apple Watch. It appears that Spotify is pushing us to switch to Apple Music. Come on!

If you search for the Spotify relevant forums with phrase like "most anticipated 3rd party apps for Apple Watch", you'll probably find that most people give their votes to Spotify. That's not surprisingly though. Obsessing the world's largest and hottest music catalog, Spotify is one of the favorite music streaming services with more than 60 million paying subscribers so far. However, this music giant seems care less about smartwatch market. Therefore, even Apple Watch has entered the market for years, there's still no official Spotify app for watchOS. And Spotify has yet to state when they will extend the existing Spotify app on iOS to Apple's WatchKit UI. Don't be upset too soon. Fortunately, you still get means to sync your Spotify playlists to Apple Watch even without an iPhone nearby.

Ultimate Tool to Get Spotify Music on Apple Watch

The optimistic side of Apple Watch is that it allows you add local music directly to the device with maximum music storage of 2GB. And that's the key point which we can take advantage from. In other words, if we can figure out a way to load the Spotify offline songs to Apple Watch, we'll be able to go out running and listen to Spotify playlists while leaving the phone at home. However, since Spotify music are protected by DRM copyright technology, only Premium users can download and save Spotify songs offline. Even so, they are not allowed to sync those downloaded tracks to smartwatch OS but only to smartphones.

In this case, a smart Spotify DRM removal tool is needed to convert Spotify songs to Apple Watch compatible formats, such as MP3. Then you meet TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify. It's an excellent Spotify music downloader and extractor, which can not only download any track from Spotify, but also remove DRM from Spotify music and convert them to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV, etc. with 100% original quality kept. With this solution, even if you are using the free Spotify account, you can easily download any Spotify music to listen on any Apple Watch series.

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How to Convert and Stream Spotify Music to Apple Watch

Now you can download and install the free trial version of TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify on your Mac or Windows and follow the complete tutorial as below to learn how to download and transfer any Spotify music to play on Apple Watch.

Step 1Drag Spotify songs or playlists to TunesKit

add spotify songs

Open TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify and you'll notice the Spotify app is loaded automatically. Then login your Spotify account with your user name and password. Browse the store to find the songs or playlists you want to download and convert to Apple Watch. Simply drag the tracks from Spotify to TunesKit conversion window. You can also copy and paste the URL of the songs to the search box in TunesKit. Then wait for the songs to load into TunesKit.

Step 2Customize output songs

set output format

Click the top menu > Preferences. There you will be allowed to set the output audio format, bit rate, sample rate, etc. according to your own needs. In order to make the songs playable by Apple Watch, you are suggested to choose the MP3 as output format. For a stable conversion, you are suggested to check the 1X conversion speed option.

Step 3Start downloading and converting Spotify music

convert spotify songs

When finish customizing, simply click "Convert" button to start extracting and converting the Spotify music songs. Once converted, you can click the "converted" icon to load the DRM-free Spotify tracks.

Step 4Stream Spotify songs to Apple Watch

Now you can transfer the converted Spotify playlists to your iPhone. Then launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap on Music > Synced Playlist, choose the Spotify playlists to sync. Once the sync's over, you can access them on your Apple Watch without carrying iPhone together.

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Alternative Tool to Sync Spotify Songs to Apple Watch

If you are Spotify Premium user, then you can use a freeware called Spotty to stream Spotify to Apple Watch. It works well with all models of Apple Watch. Simply download the Spotty app to your paired iPhone where the Apple Watch app installed. Then launch Spotty on your iPhone and give it permission to use your Spotify Premium account. Once the permission is granted, all of your Spotify playlists and albums will show up within Spotty's interface. Then flip the sync switch in Spotty, the songs will be processed and transferred via Bluetooth to your Apple Watch. When the syncing is completed, you can pop your Apple Watch into offline mode via a switch within the Spotty app. This allows you to listen to all of your synced music offline, without a nearby iPhone.


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