How to Play Spotify on GTA 5 PC

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug. 10, 2020 3:36 PM.

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Grand Theft Auto V(GTA 5) is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games in 2013. The game was firstly released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was available on Microsoft Windows PC in 2015. The game is famous for its heist plots and driving gameplays. Players can get into whatever car they want and use the audio system in the car to play songs. But originally there're no songs in the game and users have to put their music files in a specific folder to import songs into the game.

A user from Reddit proposed an interesting idea on how you can play Spotify on GTA 5:

In GTA, most of us have cars that should be equipped with the latest technology. For example, you would think that a T20, a Zentorno, or a X80 should have Bluetooth in the Radio.

Now this is where my idea comes in:

For this idea to work, you will need to be a Spotify Premium as you need Spotify Connect and would need to implement the API (they don't actually need hardware). Whenever you get into a compatible car (think like T20) Spotify Connect kicks in. That way you can control the music from your device or computer.

Unfortunately, Spotify hasn't implemented such a feature on GTA 5 yet. But, today I'm going to show you how to play Spotify on GTA 5 without subscribing to Spotify's premium plan.

Part 1. Download Spotify Song with TunesKit
Part 2. Import and Play Spotify Music on GTA 5
Part 3. Video Tutorial: How to Play Spotify on GTA 5
Part 4. Bottom Line

Download Spotify Songs with TunesKit

There's no integration between Spotify and GTA 5, so if you want to play Spotify songs on GTA, you'll have to download them in the first place. But due to the DRM protection, any songs downloaded from Spotify can not be played elsewhere or applied to public using without the authorization from Spotify.

But thanks to the TunesKit Spotify Music Converter, you'll be able to download Spotify songs directly to your local file folder and you can put and play them anywhere.

tuneskit spotify music converter

TunesKit Spotify Music Converter is designed to convert Spotify audio files into 6 different formats such as MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV and FLAC. Almost 100% of the original song quality will be kept after converting process. With 5X faster speed, this tool can download Spotify songs within a few minutes.

spotify music converter

TunesKit Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Convert and download Spotify songs to MP3 and other formats
  • Download any Spotify contents at 5X faster speed
  • Play Spotify songs offline anywhere without Premium
  • Save Spotify with the original audio quality and ID3 tags
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1Launch TunesKit and Import Songs from Spotify

add spotify tracks to tuneskit

Open TunesKit software and the Spotify will be launched simultaneously. Then drag and drop tracks from Spotify into the TunesKit interface.

2 Set Up Output Parameters

set output format

After adding music tracks from Spotify to TunesKit, you can choose the output audio format. There're six options including MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV and FLAC. And then you can adjust the audio quality by selecting the output channel, bit rate, and sample rate.

3 Start the Conversion

downloading spotify music

Once all the setting is finished, click the "Convert" button to start loading Spotify music tracks. After the conversion, all the files will be saved to your specified folder. You could browse all the converted songs by clicking "Converted" and navigate to the output folder.

Import and Play Spotify Music on GTA 5

In this section, I'll show you how to put Spotify music on GTA 5 and play them in the game.

Import Spotify Songs into GTA 5 Folder

1. Go to the File Explorer in your PC > Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA V > User Music

import spotify songs

2. Drag and drop Spotify songs downloaded from TunesKit Spotify Music Converter into the folder.

Play Spotify Songs on GTA 5

1. Restart the game, and then go to audio settings.

play spotify on gta5

2. Click Quick Scan/ Full Scan for music.

3. Switch the Radio Station to Self Radio.

Now the songs from your playlist will be played automaically when you get in a car, you can change the playing sequence in Self Radio Mode.

Video Tutorial: How to Play Spotify on GTA 5

Bottom Line

One of the coolest things about GTA 5 is being able to play your own music in the game. Now with the TunesKit Spotify Music Converter, you can play any song from Spotify's 50 million music library and keep rocking on in the game. And actually in this way, you can get pretty much everything from Spotify on GTA 5. You can listen to a radio podcast from Spotify and chill on the coastal highway, download a playlist for specific mood and play on GTA for an ultimate gaming experience and anything you can think of.

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