Top 8 Spotify Alternatives for Music Streaming 2019

Posted by Adam Gorden on December 18, 2018 19:04:01 PM.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services that users have continued to enjoy over the past 10 years. With over 40 million songs collection, there is no better way to get unlimited and ad-free music on your phone, tablet or computer than with Spotify. Users have the ability to listen to the music of their choice as well as link their accounts with social media accounts. However, competition is on the rise and these top 8 alternatives to Spotify can also give you great music experience to some extent, if not better.

1. Pandora Radio

pandora music

It is known to give a customized music experience dictated with your tastes. With Pandora, you can easily create stations from your favorite songs and artists. Besides, this streaming music service is a perfect choice for background music. If you are not the so picky user, then make use of Pandora and let it dig up your next favorite band for continuous entertainment.



2. Apple Music

apple music

This music streaming service is also regarded as among the best Spotify alternatives currently available. As a matter of fact, Apple Music was the first service with subscription-based music. It comes with 'Human Curation' feature which is useful in the creation and use of live radio broadcasts. It comes with an attractive user interface, enabling easy navigation to its 30 million and more songs.



3. Grooveshark


Even though not so many people use Grooveshark, it is still among the top Spotify alternatives for free music streaming. It can be likened to more of a file sharing system that relays just what you upload. With this, you are sure of not getting any disturbing ads throughout your music session. Although you can enjoy its free version, you won't evade advert until you upgrade to the paid version.



4. Deezer


Deezer is a French music streaming service which comes with two types of membership plans, including free and premium, just like Spotify. Its numerous features let you carry out tons of activities. As long as you sign up for this service, you will have the liberty to build a profile of what you enjoy listening to. It is your genres and artists selection that will direct this service to suggest playlists.



5. Amazon Music Unlimited

amazon music

Amazon Music Unlimited is also among the popular music streaming services that offers more than meets the eye. It has a collection of more than 30 million tracks, making it a super choice besides Spotify music. It is encompassed with numerous features including Amazon Echo which makes it possible to download music for offline listening. Other than streaming, you can use Amazon music for watching movies, downloading games and shows.



6. Google Play Music

google play music

Google Play Music is one of the best Spotify alternatives with exclusive music streaming services. However, it does not have a free option as many others. What gives it a cutting edge is its availability for cross platforms such as desktops, smartphones, iPads, and Tablets. This service enables the user to personalize their favorite tracks and get free access to YouTube Red.




This is another free Spotify alternative that lets you mark your favorite artists. allows you up to 30 days of free demo service. However, you can only enjoy online radio if you graduate to the premium version. With, you can also track all of the music you listen to via your devices including Android, iPhone.



8. YouTube Music

youtube music

YouTube Music is easily accessible, a reason for its availability in numerous countries. It uses Artificial Intelligence learning to tailor the streaming to your taste. With this service, you get to enjoy millions of tracks at your disposal. However, the ads will surely be a drawback if you are a free user.




These top 8 alternatives to Spotify music are not in for replacement but for competition. However, Spotify is still regarded as the most reliable music streaming service. It is more geared towards helping the lesser-known artists expose their works. This is one of the reasons why exploring its alternatives can bring the seventh heaven by just the click of a button.


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