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Locked Out of iPhone? Check Solutions Here!

Posted by Brian Davis on Mar 20, 2019 10:52 AM • Category: Fix iPhone Issues
4 mins read

iphone locked

The Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition feature that has been part of all iPhone models started from the 2013's iPhone 5S. The chance of your device stuck into a locked screen becomes slightly lower than before with the Touch ID, but it still occurs when the fingerprint scanner of your iPhone breaks down, go back to an old device without the feature or if you never turn it on. In addition, your iPhone locked and shows a message saying that it is disabled when you enter the wrong passwords for six times continuously. Seems tough to resolve? No need to worry as we've prepared this post covering different solutions on how to unlock iPhone easily. If you don't want to take the time to try tricks that is no longer valid, then just read on the instructions to get this issue fixed.

1. Fix Locked iPhone with Third Party Tool

There's an efficient and reliable way to unlock it when you are locked out of iPhone, which is to take the assistance of a comprehensive third party tool called TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Similar to other utilities launched by TunesKit Studio, the desktop software runs well on Windows and Mac. No matter whether your iPhone stuck in DFU mode or fail to update iOS system, this smart iOS repair tool will get you out of the trouble and recover your device back to normal with ease. What's worth noted is that the compatibility of the software as it supports almost all iOS devices ranging from iPhone 4 to iPhone XS Max.

Now you can simply learn how to unlock iPhone screen by following the step-by-step guide below. Please download and install the program before you start.

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Step 1Connect iPhone to the computer

Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the software. Tap on the Start button and select the Advanced Mode. Then put your iPhone in DFU mode referring to this post.

How to Put iPhone into DFU mode

connect iphone

Step 2Download firmware package

Tap on the Download option if the device info is totally right. Correct it otherwise. Then the program will start downloading and verifying the latest iOS firmware package matched to your device.

download firmware

Step 3Fix iPhone locked screen

Press the Repair button when it finishes downloading the firmware package. This operation will let the software start fixing the iOS system. Remain your iPhone connecting to the computer during the process to prevent any unexpected errors.

fix ios

How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

2. Get into a Locked iPhone with iTunes

Now if you are still encountering other situation with your device, then there's a great possibility that you may get your iPhone unlocked following this method. Using iTunes to help you get out of the trouble is more complicated comparing to the solution given above. Besides, all the data and settings on your iPhone would be erased eventually. Read the following instructions to achieve this.

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes.

Step 2. After that's done, find Summary tab, and then tap on the Restore iPhone button under the Backup section. Confirm your choice on the pop-up box to factory reset locked iPhone.

Step 3. Once the iTunes completed the restoring, you need to set up your iPhone like you first reached it.

iphone restore with itunes

3. Get into a Locked iPhone Using Find My iPhone

You are able to erase your device with iCloud as long as having a compute or another iOS device, for the reason that the iPhone is equipped with a trouble-free way to reset it remotely or confirm the location of your lost iPhone. To know how to factory reset locked iPhone without iTunes, follow the under steps.

Step 1. Open the official website of iCloud and then enter your Apple ID and password to log into your iCloud account.

Step 2. Visit the Find My iPhone page, after that, tap on the All Devices button. You are allowed to view all the devices linked to your Apple ID from there. Just choose the iPhone locked.

Step 3. At this point you may see various tasks you can perform on the device. Press the Eraser iPhone button to reset it.

erase iphone

4. Enter Recovery Mode to Unlock iPhone

For those users who have never activate the Find My iPhone feature or backed up their devices to iTunes, there's an available solution to fix the locked out of iPhone problem, which is entering the recovery mode. Implement the steps to get into a locked iPad or iPhone easily.

Step 1. Plug your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and open iTunes. Do make sure that it is an updated version.

Step 2. Concurrently hold the Wake and Home buttons until you see iTunes icon on the screen with iTunes opened and your iPhone connected to the PC.

Step 3. You will be able to see the following message as soon as iTunes detects an issue with your device. Simply press the Restore button to reset your device.

iphone recovery mode

The Bottom Line

We are sure that you are now familiar with all the solutions on how to unlock a locked iPhone. Choose the one you prefer based on your particular situation. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is what we recommend most as it can fix related iOS issues without too much effort.

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