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What is DRM & How Does DRM Work
This article illustrates the DRM technology from its general meaning and work principles to show you what DRM is and how DRM actually works.

Different DRM Technologies You Should Know
How many types of DRM technologies do you know? This article will show you 3 different kinds of DRM embedded in movies, DVDs and audios.

Reasons Why We Should Remove DRM
DRM is a controversial technology to restrict users' rights of using digital contents. Here we are going to discuss the main reasons why we need to remove DRM and explore an effective way to legally remove DRM in the meantime.

Top 3 Reasons to Remove DRM from iTunes Movie Rentals & Purchases
We've put together top 3 reasons why it's necessary for us to remove DRM from iTunes movies while showing you the main restrictions when buying or renting a movie from iTunes as well as providing you an ultimate solution to for iTunes DRM removal.

How to Play iTunes Movies without iTunes Account Authorization
If you are looking for an iTunes DRM removal tool to unlock DRM from iTunes movies, please read on this article and you will discover the TunesKit DRM Media Converter, which can help you remove DRM from iTunes movies and play iTunes movies on portable devices without iTunes account authorization.

FairPlay DRM & How to Bypass FairPlay DRM Protection
Here we will discuss what FairPlay DRM protection is and how it actually works to restrict the use of iTunes videos on non-Apple devices. You can use FairPlay DRM Removal to bypass the protection for good.

iTunes Rentals & Purchases: What's the Difference
Can't make up your mind when renting or buying movies from iTunes? Here is a comparison between the two and also an ultimate solution provided to help your solve this problem.

iTunes SD vs. HD Movies: What's the Difference
This is a diffference comparison between iTunes HD and SD movies, including the price, system requirements, file size, quality etc so that you can know better about the iTunes HD and SD movies when buying.

iTunes Tips: What's the Difference Between 1080p and 720p HD Movies
Comparison of iTunes 1080p and 720p HD movies and TV shows to help you make better decision when buying or renting 1080p or 720p HD videos from iTunes.

M4B vs M4A: Difference between M4A and M4B
This review compares M4A and M4B audio file in different aspects including encoding method, compatibility, copy-protection etc to help you get a clear understanding of the difference between m4a and m4b.

M4A vs M4B vs M4P vs M4R: What's the Difference
Are you confused with Apple audio formats such as M4A, M4B, M4P or M4R? If so, you can read this post to find out the differences among those files as well as the solution to convert DRM-ed M4B, M4P to common MP3.

How to Move iTunes Library to External Driver
For iTunes movie lovers, they usually feel the internal storage is not enough to store all iTunes downloaded files. So it's neccessary to prepare an external driver and move the iTunes library to external driver. This article shows different method to copy iTunes movies to external driver.

Essential Requirements to Remove DRM Protection from iTunes Videos
Although it's much easier to remove DRM from iTunes movies, you should still pay attention to some most essential requirements for iTunes DRM removal in order to avoid unnecessary problems during the process.

iTunes Tips: FAQs about Renting Movies from iTunes Store
Here we list some common FAQs about renting movies from iTunes to help you know better about the restrictions of iTunes movie rentals and how to get rid of the DRM restriction from the rentals.

How to Authorize and Deauthorize iTunes on Mac and PC
This is a complete tutorial on authorizing and deauthorizing iTunes on your Mac or PC to help you manage iTunes authorizations more easily.

How to Gift A Movie, TV Show or Audiobook on iTunes
During holiday season, it's great to send family and friends iTunes movies, TV shows and audiobooks as gifts. Here we'll show you the tips to gift iTunes media content either via sending the iTunes gift cards or specific iTunes movie, TV show or audiobook.

iTunes DRM Removal - How to Remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes Media
If you are already fed up with Apple's ecosystem, especially iTunes ecosystem, you should follow this article to find out how to get away from FairPlay DRM by removing the DRM lock from iTunes movies, TV shows, audiobooks, etc with some useful iTunes DRM removal solutions.

iTunes Tutorial - How to Copy iTunes Purchases to Other Computers
If you are looking for the easy ways to transfer your iTunes purchases from one computer to the other, you can follow this guide to find out the four best ways to copy iTunes purchases between different computers.

How to Change Your Apple ID Email Address or Login
You can follow these steps if you want to change the email address associated with your Apple ID or change the Apple ID account you use on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iTunes Extras: Everything You Need to Know
This is a complete guide to iTunes Extras, from which you can find out what iTunes Exras are, how to download iTunes Extras, how to watch iTunes Extras on Apple TV, and how to remove DRM from iTunes Extras as well so that you get a better understanding about iTunes Extras.

How to Use Home Sharing to Share iTunes Media Files
This post talks about iTunes Home Sharing feature and how to use it to share iTunes video and music files with IOS devices, also you can remove iTunes DRM to share iTunes media files to other mobile devices.

How to Use iTunes Gift Card on Android Devices
Got an iTunes gift card but don't know how to use it on Android devices? Follow these useful tips in this post to see how to easily redeem iTunes gift cards with Android.

iTunes 4K HDR - How to Convert iTunes 4K Movies to DRM-free
Apple has began rolling out 4K HDR content to iTunes Store. Here you can find the complete guide on how to remove DRM from 4K iTunes movies so that you can enjoy them on HDR TV even without Apple TV 4K.

How to Hide Purchased Movies, Music in iTunes
This is the complete guide to show you how to easily hide any iTunes purchase, including movie or music on computer, as well as introducing the alternative solution to keep iTunes rentals forever in your account.

How Well Do You Know the NFL Football Game?
Do you really know about the NFL football game? This article introduces the football origin, American football, inheritance and development of it.

Can Handbrake Remove DRM from iTunes Movies
Handbrake is a free open-source video converter that supports almost all types of videos and audios. But can it remove DRM from the iTunes M4V movies? If so, how? If not, what's the alternative? This post will answer all the questions for you.


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