How to Put Audible AudioBooks on MP3 Players

Posted by Adam Gorden on April 02, 2015 11:14:01 AM.

Since Audible was purchased by Amazon Inc. in 2008, many authors and customers hoped that the audible DRM protection would be disarded some day. So that they can put their purchased audible audiobook on any MP3 players, like sonos, Sandisk, Zen Player, SonyWalkman etc. However, there are no changes on the audible audiobooks after those years. Even after Apple decided to discard the Fairplay DRM protection from their iTunes music in 2009, the audible DRM was still kept well.

Frankly speaking, the outdated audible DRM protection really makes buying and using audiobook harder. If a reader want to enjoy her/his audiobook on more devices, he is disallowed. Every consumer would think that the books purchased should be rightfully owned. In this article, you will learn how to remove the DRM from audible files and own the DRMed audiobook rightfully.

About TunesKit AudioBook Converter

Over the years a number of software makers have come along to remove the Audible DRM encoding to make audio book files user-friendly. But Audible has always been swift to threaten software makers, devs and bloggers with lawsuits for promoting - or even discussing - the ability to remove Audible's DRM.

However, most consumers support the Audible DRM removal software makers. Most listeners want to listen their audible audiobook out of DRM.

TunesKit Audiobook Converter for Windows & For Mac is the best DRM audiobook converter all over the world. With TunesKit AudioBook Converter, you can easily get rid of the annoying Audible DRM and enjoy it on any MP3 players freely. TunesKit audiobook converter can convert DRMed iTunes audiobook, Audible audiobooks to common MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA format with lossless quality. It's worth to mention that TunesKit Audiobook Converter can convert DRM audiobooks in nearly 30x faster speed.

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Steps on How to Put Audible Audiobooks to MP3 Players

1Add Audible audiobooks to TunesKit from iTunes library.

Launch TunesKit AudioBook Converter, and click "Add Files" button to add Audible audiobooks from iTunes library.

add Audible audiobook to tuneskit

Of course, this step is based on that you have already import purchased audible audiobooks to iTunes library. You can also connect your Audible account to your iTunes account at first, then any Audible audiobooks you purchased will be shown automatically in iTunes library.

2Select Output Format for MP3 Players

choose output format

TunesKit AudioBook Converter supports all frequently used audio formats as output including MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV. To fit your MP3 player well, we suggest you can choose " MP3" as output. Click "gear" icon behind of the Audiobook name and choose MP3 format as output.

4Start to converting DRM Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format.

convert audiobook to android

Click "Convert" button to start Audilble to MP3 conversion. The conversion will be finished very soon. After the conversion finished, click "Open" button to find the converted files.

Just connect your MP3 player to the computer via USB cable, then just copy and paste the MP3 files to MP3 player storage. You can listen to the audible audiobooks on MP3 player freely now.

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