How to Pause Audible Membership 2020

Posted by Adam Gorden on Mar 6, 2020 4:40 PM.

how to pause audible membership

One thing you must know when you begin to consider canceling your Audible subscription is that Audible actually allows users to put their membership on hold. This is what most users don't know until they go to the canceling option on the Audible website. Here are some other tips for you in case you miss any important information about how does Audible membership works.

If you begin to have a second thought about your Audible subscription, but you are not so sure about canceling it. You can give yourself a break from the Audible membership by putting it on hold for 1 to 3 months each time.

What's the Difference between Pause and Cancellation?

The biggest difference between the pause and the cancellation is that cancel the membership will terminate all your unused credits while pausing the membership won't. And you still can enjoy many of your benefits, such as exclusive member only savings and a 30% off for additional audiobooks. You will not be billed your monthly membership fee until the membership is resumed. But also, you won't be able to get the monthly credit and free books of Audible originals.

On What Occasion You Will Need A Pause?

The question is, how do you know you need a pause other than a cancellation of the membership? Well, it depends on how possible you are going to subscribe to Audible again. For example, if you are going to have a long vacation or a long business trip and you don't think you will have time for Audible books during the period, you can call for a pause.

Or you simply feel that you have already piled up too many audiobooks to listen in the next few months, you can pause the membership and go back to Audible after you finish the books. Though we know that, the number of Audible books will accumulate with the month and won't be taken back by Audible whatsoever. However, as a wise consumer, it's normal that you don't want to waste money on things that are already over what you can consume.

How To Place Audible Membership on Hold

1. Contact Audible Customer Care

Before you make the decision, you will need to be aware of a few things. First, the pause is not available for memberships that began before 2006 or plans that don't earn credits. Second, once you take the pause, you will need to wait for 12 months to have another pause. Last but not least, while on hold, you can resume your membership at any time if you want to.

Then you can call Audible's customer service representative and ask for a pause of your membership. They will review your account and go over plan options. Here is how you can contact Audible.

2. Pause Audible Membership All by Yourself

Step 1 Sign in Audible on Desktop Website

how to pause audible membership

The pause of membership can only be done from the official website as of now. So, we need to sign in to on your PC. Then, hover your cursor over your ID and click into "Account Detail" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 Go through Cancelling Process

how to pause audible membership

When you get to the membership details page, you will see the "Cancel Membership" option. Click on it and next, you will be asked to choose the reason why you want to cancel. Select "I don't use it enough" and click "Continue canceling"

Step 3 Choose "Pause Membership"

how to pause audible membership

After that, you will be directed to a page with 2 offers: switch your plan to the Audible Silver Membership or pause the membership. Choose the latter and now your membership will be on hold for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days according to which you choose.

Bonus Tip

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