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convert m4b to mp3

Q: I downloaded some audiobooks from iTunes Store and want to play them on MP3 player in my car. But those iTunes audiobooks are all saved in .m4b format which is not supported by my MP3 player. Could you recommend any reliable iTunes to MP3 converter that can convert the iTunes M4B audiobooks to common MP3 format?

You'll probably have the same problem if you buy audiobooks from iTunes. Here we'll show you the most popular ways to convert iTunes M4B to MP3 with some top-rated M4B to MP3 converters, so that you can listen to iTunes audiobooks on whatever device you are using.

What Is M4B & Why Convert M4B to MP3

Before we get into the solutions to convert M4B files to MP3, let's firstly take a look at the M4B file itself.

M4B is a file extension for audiobooks based on the MPEG-4 Part 14 standard. Unlike M4A, another common audiobook format, the M4B audiobooks support chapter markers which make it easy for listeners to jump to the beginning of any chapter while playing. Currently, most M4B audiobooks are sold from the online digital content stores, such as iTunes.

However, since iTunes audiobooks are protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM, you can only play those M4B files on authorized computers and Apple devices. In order to play iTunes M4B on common MP3 players or other devices, you'll have to remove DRM from the M4B books and convert the protected M4B to MP3 format with some dedicated iTunes M4B audiobook converters.

Solution 1. Convert Protected M4B to MP3 with 3rd-party M4B Audiobook Converter

To convert iTunes audiobooks from M4B to MP3, a third-party DRM removal tool such as TunesKit DRM Audio Converter is highly recommended. As an one-stop iTunes DRM audio converter, it's able to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks by converting the M4B files to DRM-free MP3 format with ID3 tags and chapter info preserved. It can also be used to convert Apple Music and Audible AAX to MP3, WAV, M4A losslessly. Best of all, you can convert hundreds of iTunes M4B audiobooks once as this app supports batch conversion.

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How to Convert DRM iTunes M4B Audiobooks to MP3

Now we will take TunesKit DRM Audio Converter for Mac as an example to show you the tutorial of converting M4B to MP3. The Windows version just works the same as Mac version for M4B to MP3 conversion.

Step 1Add iTunes Audiobooks to TunesKit DRM Audio Converter

add m4b to tuneskit

After launching the program, click the second "+" button to locate the iTunes library which contains the DRM M4B audio books. Then select the files you want to convert to MP3 and click Add.

Step 2Select Output Format as MP3

choose output format as mp3

When the M4B audiobooks are added to TunesKit, you can choose the output format as MP3 by clicking the "gear" icon behind the audiobooks' name. Besides, you can also set the output format in advance via the Preferences of TunesKit DRM Audio Converter.

Step 3Start Converting M4B to MP3

convert m4b to mp3

When all the settings are adjusted, you can begin to convert the DRM-protected iTunes M4B audio books to MP3 by clicking the Convert button.

Once the M4B to MP3 conversion finished, you can find the converted MP3 audiobooks and freely import them into any media players, such as iPod, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, etc. for playback as you want.

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Solution 2. Convert M4B to MP3 Online

If you don't like to install any software on your computer when converting the M4B to MP3, you are suggested to use some web tools to create MP3 version from M4B audiobooks online. Currently there are many online M4B to MP3 converters to be employed. Here, we highly recommend Zamzar, a free website which can convert your M4B files to MP3 and other formats effectively.


It only takes 3 simple steps to complete the M4B to MP3 conversion.

Step 1. Add the M4B file or URL of the audiobook into Zamzar.

Step 2. Select output format as MP3.

Step 3. Click "Convert" button and it will begin to convert M4B audiobooks to MP3 online.

After the conversion, you'll receive the MP3 files by downloading them via email.

Solution 3. Convert M4B to MP3 with iTunes

Although most of the M4B audiobooks from iTunes Store are protected by DRM, there are still some M4B audios on the Internet are DRM-free. For those non-DRM M4B files, you can use iTunes to encode the M4B format to MP3 with the following steps:

convert m4b to mp3 with itunes

Step 1. Open iTunes and add the M4B audiobook files into iTunes library.

Step 2. Click Edit > Preferences to open the Preferences window. Under General, click Importing Settings and choose MP3 Encoder.

Step 3. Locate the M4B files you'd like to convert to MP3, click Advanced and choose Create MP3 Version to make a copy of the M4B audiobook files in MP3 format.


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