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When you synced Audible audiobooks to your MP3 player to listen them offline while on the go, those audiobooks downloaded from Audible cannot be recognized through the MP3 player due to the different formats. Will it be possible to convert audible to MP3 online? Are there any feasible ways for converting Audible AAX to MP3 so that you are allowed to listen to Audible audiobooks on MP3 players allodially?

You may have encountered the same barrier as mentioned above if you intend to play Audible on MP3 player. In fact, in addition to encoding a specific AA/AAX in audiobooks, Audible applies DRM copyright protection as well to avoid unauthorized playback. Fortunately, we have written this guide to show you how to convert Audible books to MP3 online easily.

Part 1: How to Convert Audible to MP3 Online
Part 2: How to Convert Audible to MP3 Offline

1. Convert Audible to MP3 Online For Free

In this section we will walk you through an online Audible to MP3 utility to get those Audible audiobooks convert to MP3 easily. There's no need to download any software in comparison with other methods. What you only need to do is to upload the audible AAX or AA files to the sites.

Since there are tons of online audio converting websites that allows you to convert AAX or AA file to MP3, we will take Convertio as an example to complete the conversion. Simply refer to this guide to get the detailed method.

Step 1: Launch any browser on your computer and then open the Convertio website.

Step 2: Tap on the computer icon, then load the AAX file. Set the input and output format as AAX and MP3 respectively.

Step 3: Now just press the Convert button to convert audible AAX to MP3 online. It supports converting over 1 AAX audio to MP3 in the mean time.

free online audible to mp3 converter

2. Convert Audible to MP3 Losslessly on PC/Mac

The simplest way to listen to Audible on MP3 player is to rely on an efficient MP3 converter that can convert the DRM AA, AAX audio books to DRM-free formats, including lossless audio, MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, etc. at 100X super fast speed.

Among all the competitive products in the market currently, we've discovered the most outstanding one called TunesKit Audible Audiobook Converter, an intelligent DRM removal solution that enables you to bypass DRM copyright encryption from Audible AA and AAX audiobooks so that you can freely enjoy Audible book collections on any popular MP3 player, such as Sony Walkman, PSP, Creative Zen, iPod and more. Moreover, the program boasts a clean install without account authorization or any extra software like iTunes.

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No matter the operating system running in your computer is Mac or Windows, TunesKit Audible Audiobook Converter is able to remove DRM from your Audible audio books with 100% quality preserved. Now just download the free trial version of this software on your computer and follow the steps below to learn how to convert audible files to MP3 with ease.

Step 1Import Audible audiobooks to TunesKit

add audible aax

Open TunesKit Audible Converter. Then drag and drop the audiobooks to import them to the program. You can also tap on the Add Files button to load the Audible AA or AAX audiobooks from your computer. You are allowed to add multiple audiobook files once for batch conversion.

Step 2Choose output format

set output format

Now click the Format panel at the lower left corner of the interface and select the output format from the new window once the Audible files are imported to the software successfully. TunesKit supports tons of output formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, M4B, AAC and others. The default output format is lossless and will not touch the original audio tracks at all. For this output, you are not able to customize the channel, bit rate, etc.

Step 3Remove DRM and convert Audible to MP3

convert aax to mp3

At this point you are allowed to tap on the Editor icon listed in each column of the audio book file to split the audiobook to a few small files by chapters or time frame. After that you can press the Convert button to begin removing DRM from Audible audiobooks and converting the AAX files to MP3 or other formats at 100X faster speed.

Now you're freely to watch the following video tutorial to learn how to convert DRM-ed Audible file to MP3 by using TunesKit Audible Converter.

In Summary

Here are two different ways to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 online or offline. To be frank, the second solution is much easier to operate and more importantly, it is capable of converting the hours-long DRM-ed Audible audiobooks without quality loss in a few seconds only. So just download the program and give it a try now.

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