Two Popular Ways to Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Songs

Posted by Adam Gorden on March 07, 2017 08:24:11 PM.

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If you ever purchased songs from the iTunes Store back before 2009, then there's a good chance that they will be copy-protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM system. Specifically speaking, if you have got those DRM-protected music from the iTunes store, you will not be able to play them on any media player, other than Apple's. You will also not be able to convert these legally purchased songs to common MP3 format because the DRM doesn't give you the chance to do so. Therefore, removing DRM from protected iTunes music files becomes necessary if you want to play the songs with non-iPod devices. Fortunately, there are several ways to get around this.

This post will introduce two simple solutions for you to remove DRM from iTunes music. The first method we are discussing here involves the fact that Apple doesn't let you convert DRM-protected iTunes music to MP3, but it lets you burn them to a CD. The other method involves using DRM removal utilities to strip off the DRM from the iTunes songs.

1. Burn DRM-protected iTunes Songs to CD/DVD

The tutorial here will show you the first way to produce DRM-free iTunes music that doesn't require any special software. With this method, all you'll need is the iTunes software, and a blank CD.

Step 1Insert CD/DVD and create music playlist

Insert a blank CD or DVD disc in the drive and open iTunes on your computer. Select the File > New Playlist option. Add a name to the new playlist.

Step 2Add iTunes songs to the new playlist

Now select all the M4P music files that you want to remove DRM from and drag them to the playlist that you just created.

Step 3Burn iTunes music tracks to CD

Once the tracks are imported to the iTunes playlist, right-click the playlist and select the option "Burn playlist to Disc". iTunes will now present you a dialogue box where you can select the kind of CD/DVD that you want to burn. Make sure you select the Audio CD option. Then iTunes will start burning the iTunes music to the CD automatically.

Step 4Import iTunes music from CD/DVD

The final step is to rip the songs that you burned onto audio CD, back to digital music files. Simply open iTunes, select the Edit > Preferences > General tab, click on Import Settings. To start ripping the audio CD, you should insert it into your CD drive on your computer and click the Yes button to start.

Wait for a while till the ripping finishes. Now all the files that have been imported into your music library will be free from DRM so that you can transfer them to any MP3 device for playback.

Note: The downside of using this method is that iTunes only lets you burn the same song once. Besides, if you have a lot of music files to burn, it will take a rather long time to finish the whole process. So if you have the need to convert a large amount of iTunes songs for more than once, you'd better use a legal DRM removal tool as mentioned in the following tutorial.

2. Convert DRM iTunes Music to DRM-free MP3

This method could be more flexible as it directly removes DRM from the iTunes songs and lets you convert the M4P music files to multiple common formats at the same time. It works faster and easier even if you are not skillful to computer. In this solution, all you'll need is a third party iTunes music converter and iTunes software. Here you meet TunesKit iTunes M4P Converter, an all-in-one DRM music converter developed to convert DRM-ed iTunes M4P songs to MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, etc with ID tags preserved on Mac and PC. By stripping DRM from the iTunes songs with TunesKit, you can freely enjoy the DRM-free music on any device. For more info about this application, you can find the key features as below:

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Steps to Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Songs with TunesKit

Step 1Add iTunes songs to TunesKit

add itunes m4p

Launch TunesKit DRM M4P Converter and click "Add Files" to load the iTunes M4P files from your library. You are also allowed to add the songs to the converter by drag-and-drop.

Step 2Select output format

select output format

Once the M4P songs are loaded successfully to TunesKit iTunes Converter, you can select the output format as you like, as well as the other settings, such as output folder, bit rate, audio channel, etc. Currently TunesKit iTunes M4P Converter supports MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC outputs.

Step 3Remove DRM from iTunes music

remove drm from itunes music

Now click the "Convert" button and it will begin to convert the DRM-protected iTunes songs to MP3 or other non-DRM formats at 30X faster speed. After the conversion, you'll get DRM-free iTunes songs playable on any MP3 player without limit.

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