• Quick Solutions to Use Apple Music on Xbox One
    In this post, we are introducingn the 2 simple ways to use Apple Music on Xbox One so that you can play background music while playing games.
  • 2 Easiest Ways to Listen to Apple Music Offline
    It's easy to download songs from Apple Music for offline listening if you've subscribed to the streaming service. Here we are introducing the top 2 ways to make Apple Music playable offline on any device.
  • iTunes Songs Greyed Out? Fixed!
    It's frustrated to find out the songs greyed out and unplayable on iTunes. But don't worry. Here in this post, we are going to provide multiple solutions to fix iTunes songs greyed out issue.
  • Guide to Turn Off iCloud Music Library on Mac/PC
    Are you annoyed with the bugs of iCloud Music Library but haven't found the fix yet? Check out this tutorial to see how to turn off the iCloud Music Library on your Mac, PC or iPhone.
  • How to Transfer Amazon Music to iTunes
    We are introducing the two popular methods to export Amazon Music downloads to iTunes as well as the solution to transfer iTunes songs to Amazon Music in this post.
  • Two Best Ways to Play Apple Music on PS4
    It's not easy to sync Apple Music to PS4 for playback since PS4 doesn't support Apple Music yet. But with these two methods, you can easily stream Apple Music songs to PS4 as freely as you want.
  • How to Play Apple Music on Squeezebox
    Can't play Apple Music songs on Squeezebox? Find no working solution to stream Apple Music to Squeezebox yet? Don't worry. Here's an efficient way which can help you easily play any Apple Music track on Squeezebox.
  • How to Get DRM-free Versions of Apple Music
    All Apple Music songs are protected by DRM and prohibited to be used on other MP3 players. Don't worry. This post provides a workaround to help you easily get DRM free Apple Music files once and for all.
  • Two Best Ways to Convert iTunes M4P to MP3
    If you purchased some music tracks from iTunes store between 2003 to 2009, you'll find the songs can't be transfered to non-Apple devices for playback. In this case, you should follow this article to find out the best way to convert iTunes DRM and Non-DRM M4P to MP3.
  • Top 10 Best Songs for Christmas on Apple Music
    To make Christmas more joyful, you are suggested to take a look at this top list of 10 best Christmas songs from Apple Music store.
  • Easy Tips to Listen to Apple Music on Web Player
    Due to DRM, Apple Music can't be played on any web browser under Mac or Windows system. But don't worry. Here's the final solution to get Apple Music play on web player easily.
  • Best Ways to Play Apple Music on Apple TV
    In case you are not sure how to properly play Apple Music songs on Apple TV, here we are offering two easiest ways for you to stream Apple Music to any Apple TV, including the latest Apple TV 4 and the older models.
  • Thanksgiving Playlist Collection: Top 10 Thanksgiving Songs of 2017
    If you have no idea what tunes to listen to on Thanksgiving, these songs will give you some hints for celebrating the Thanksgiving better.
  • How to Stream Apple Music to Any Device via Plex Media Server
    Plex Media Server is a smart media streaming solution to help us access any media file on any device. If you feel difficult to stream Apple Music to Plex, this tutorial will show you a easier work-around.
  • How to Convert Apple Music Songs to Lossless FLAC
    Here we are showing you the complete user guide on how to remove DRM from Apple Music tracks by converting the DRM-ed M4P songs to lossless FLAC audio format.
  • How to Make iPhone Ringtones from Apple Music
    It's hard to make Apple Music songs as iPhone ringtones as they are DRM protected. But don't worry. In this post, we'll show you the complete guide to remove DRM from Apple Music completely so that you can set them as iPhone ringtones freely.
  • How to Set Apple Music as Android Phone Ringtone
    You can't transfer Apple Music songs to Android phones as ringtones unless you use a special Apple Music DRM removal tool. Here's the simple guide on how to set DRM-ed Apple Music songs as ringtone for Android phones.
  • How to Play Apple Music without iTunes on Mac/PC
    Read this tutorial to find out the ultimate workaround on how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs so that you can play Apple Music on Mac or Windows without using iTunes.
  • How to Get Apple Music 50% Off Student Discount
    This is a complete guide to instruct you how to join Apple Music student membership so that you can get the 50% off monthly discount, as well as introducing another way to help you save more from Apple Music.
  • How to Choose the Best Music Streaming Service
    What's the most important consideration you'll think about when signing up a music service? How do you know if you are using the best music streaming service? Or are you just looking for the best music streaming service? If you have such questions, please simply refer to these useful tips which will help you choose the best online music service that suits your needs.


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