How to Convert Apple Music M4P to Lossless FLAC

Posted by Adam Gorden on October 23, 2017 10:34:01 AM.

convert apple music to flac

Thanks to music streaming services, we can easily access any kind of music like classic, hip-pop, jazz, etc. anywhere. As one of the fastest growing music services in the world, Apple Music has attracted more than 30 million subscribers as of September 2017. The advantages of Apple Music show not only in its modernized user interface, but also the big music catalog of some exclusives. However, like other similar streaming music stores, Apple Music also comes with its downsides. One of the most widely reported problems is its DRM protection on songs. Because of that, subscribers can only listen to Apple Music songs on selected devices, in other words, iOS. If you don't want to be trapped by this annoying DRM lock, then you are suggested to read on the following guide which will provide you with a simple solution to convert your Apple Music songs to FLAC format so that you can stream all your Apple Music collection on any device as freely as you desire.


FLAC, also known as Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio. Since FLAC is a lossless scheme, it is perfect as an archive format for owners of CDs and other media who wish to preserve their audio collections. Unlike WAV and AIFF, FLAC codec is compressed, so it takes up much less space, typically be reduced to between 50 and 60 percent of its original size. Besides, FLAC has support for metadata tagging, album cover art, and fast seeking. When comparing with MP3, a lossy audio format, FLAC is supposed to keep the audio quality the same as originals. That's why we'd suggest you convert your Apple Music songs to FLAC for better listening experience.

How to Convert Apple Music to FLAC?

Essential Required Tool to Convert Apple Music to FLAC

To get your Apple Music tracks converted to lossless FLAC audio, you are recommended to try TunesKit Apple Music Converter, an all-in-one Apple Music DRM removal solution to help you completely decrypt DRM lock from downloaded Apple Music songs and convert the DRM-ed M4P file format to FLAC and other commonly used audio formats with ID3 tags and metadata info preserved.

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Before get started, make sure you have downloaded and installed the proper version of TunesKit Apple Music Converter on your Mac or PC.

Complete Guide to Convert Apple Music from DRM M4P to FLAC

Step 1Add offline Apple Music songs to TunesKit

add drm apple music songs

After launching TunesKit M4P to FLAC Converter, simply click "Add Files" button to load and import the downloaded Apple Music files from your iTunes library to TunesKit. You can also add multiple songs or a whole album and playlist via drag-and-drop.

Step 2Set output format as FLAC

set flac output format

When those Apple Music tracks are added successfully, click Format panel and it will load the Preferences window where you can select the output format and other settings for the music. Simply choose FLAC as output format and set the codec, channel, bit rate, sample rate according to your own needs.

Step 3Convert Apple Music songs to FLAC

convert m4p to flac

When all settings are completed, press "Convert" button to start converting your Apple Music files to FLAC lossless audio. After conversion, you can get the DRM-free FLAC audio files by clicking history icon at the top center.

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