Troubleshooting: Apple Music Won't Download Songs

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jul 16, 2019 1:24 PM.

fix apple music not downloading songs

It is the norm for anyone to get a fresh experience of the newly released songs. In most cases, downloading such songs appears pretty easy with apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and even Pandora. However, sometimes the road is not too smooth. You may experience a hitch; Apple Music not downloading songs problem is a drawback that has been reported by many users. It is high time you learn how to tackle such issues, without spending any bucks.

Solution 1. Check Your Network Connection

You need an internet connection so as to download songs. In the event that the network has a hitch-up then your download may not work. Try these instructions to see whether the problem can be fixed:

Step 1. Go into 'Settings' and then click on the 'Music' tab.

Step 2. Swipe the 'Cellular Data' ON to enable it to work on your device.

Step 3. If the Cellular Data is on, check whether the 'Downloads' is also turned to 'ON'. This is to allow Apple Music to be able to download songs on any mobile data

Solution 2. Restart Apple Music App

Restarting the program gives it a fresh feel. It will also help in eliminating any bad sectors that may have been generated by software dis-functionalities.

Step 1. Double-click the Home button.

Step 2. Then close the Apple Music application by sliding it up.

Step 3. Next, open Apple Music on the main page to restart it. You can then check if the download is now possible.

Solution 3. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your phone is also one of the ways you can use when Apple Music won't download songs. It is a straight forward way of eliminating any junk files that may be currently preventing the smooth operation of the gadget.

Step 1. Press and hold the 'Power' button from the side of your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on the 'Restart' option from your iPhone's screen.

Step 3. Your iPhone will automatically restart after actually closing all Apps.

Solution 4. Re-login Your Apple ID

Your Apple ID is an important element when it comes to accessing several apps including Apple Music. Simply log out and then log in again to see whether your music can download.

relogin apple id

Step 1. Tap on the 'Settings' app.

Step 2. Go to 'Your Name' and then scroll down and click the 'Sign Out' option.

Step 3. Sign in once more by going back to 'Settings', entering your name and then clicking the 'Log in' option.

Step 4. Run Apple Music and see whether you can download a song.

Solution 5. Enable Apple Music App

It could be that Apple Music is hidden, causing the downloadable songs not to be visible. In this case, you need to make the App visible.

enable apple music on iphone

Step 1. Click on the 'Settings' app and then choose the 'Music' option.

Step 2. Toggle it to 'OFF' and then 'ON' by tapping on the 'Show Apple Music' option to run Apple Music again and see whether it can now download your songs.

Solution 6. Update Apple Music App

Newer versions of Apple Music have continued to throng the market. If yours has become obsolete, there are high chances that you will experience Apple Music won't download songs problem.

Step 1. Open the 'App Store' and then go to the 'Updates' option.

Step 2. Scroll down and look for 'Apple Music'.

Step 3. Click on the 'Update' option besides the App to update it to the newest version. In some cases, you may only find the 'Open' option instead of the Update option. This means that your Apple Music is of the latest version and no updates are available at that time. If so, then you need to try the next troubleshooting method.

Solution 7. Update iOS Version

Perhaps, it is the operating system that needs some boost. Updating it will help it become more powerful, efficient and smart.

Step 1. Tap on the 'Settings' app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to the 'General' option and click on 'Software Update'.

Step 3. Scroll down to the 'Download and Install' option to install a newer version of the operating system.

Solution 8. Repair iPhone System

recover ios system

In the event that the above solutions don't help, it could be that your iOS has bad sectors. These will need a cleanup. There are third-party tools that you can use to repair the operating system and help fix Apple Music won't download songs issues. Look for a recommended tool such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery to help you recover iOS system to normal. This tool has the ability to repair up to 30 types of iOS related problems such as your Apple Music app won't download songs, iPhone stuck in Apple logo, iPad won't turn on, etc. efficiently.

Download Download

Step 1. Install and launch the program. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. Choose the recovery mode. Here are 2 repair modes for you: Standard Mode (no data loss) and Advanced Mode (data loss).

Step 3. Download the latest iOS firmware package and then verify it. Wait for the process completes.

Step 4. Click the 'Repair' button and ask TunesKit to fix Apple Music won't download songs on your iPhone quickly.

Solution 9. Reinstall Apple Music App

It may happen that you didn't install your App in the recommended way. You can easily delete and re-install the App using simple steps.

Step 1. Swipe through your iPhone's screen to the 'Apple Music' App; then press and hold the App until it jiggles.

Step 2. Tap on the 'Delete' option while pressing the 'Home' button until the App gets deleted.

Step 3. Re-install the Apple Music App once more by going to the 'App Store'.

Step 4. Search through the available Apps and click on 'Apple Music'.

Step 5. Download the App and install it back to your device.

Solution 10. Contact Apple Support for Help

There are some problems that occur due to the manufacture's mismatches. If the above solutions do not help you come out of Apple Music not downloading songs issue, then probably it's time to contact Apple for help. Visit the Apple Music official page and get assistance as much as possible.

Extra Tips: Save Downloaded Apple Music Songs on Any Device

To prevent the abuse of Apple Music, Apple uses DRM to restrict the downloaded songs. Specifically, while you are downloading any track from Apple Music, it's not saved locally on your iPhone. Instead, it's stored in iCloud. Therefore, you'll find it's impossible to transfer and share the Apple Music songs to other MP3 players or devices even they are downloaded. To remove the limit, you'll need a smart Apple Music DRM removal tool, that is, TunesKit Apple Music Converter, which will help you removing DRM lock from Apple Music and iTunes songs while converting the M4P files to MP3 or other non-DRM formats.

tuneskit apple music converter

For more details, you should follow this full guide to save Apple Music on any device: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3.

Download Download

The Bottom Line

The above tutorial has helped shed some light on how to deal with Apple Music won't download songs recurrent issues. You can try several options before finally deciding to contact Apple for help. Furthermore, the steps are precise, making it possible even for beginners to carry out successful troubleshooting.


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