How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 in 2 Ways

Posted by Adam Gorden on Nov 26, 2019 15:57 PM.

In December 2018, Apple Music's subscribers surpassed Spotify and become the world's biggest music streaming service. You might be one of the users. Then can you name the reason why you choose Apple Music over Spotify, Pandora, or other music streaming services? If you ask me, I would say, because there are always songs you can't find anywhere else than Apple Music. And what's more, there are always songs you want to save offline for playback.

convert apple music to mp3

However, there's no free tier for Apple Music, so all the playbacks are only accessible on devices authorized with Apple Music subscription. The protection on Apple Music songs keeps you from listening to the songs without a subscription. And that's why Apple Music Converter has been created. It is born to bring ease to your digital life. To convert Apple Music to MP3, there are many Apple Music converter software could get it done. Also, except Apple Music to MP3 Converter, we have another way for you to do that. Just check out the solutions below!

Solution 1. Convert Apple Music to MP3 with Dedicated Apple Music Converter

Among all the Apple Music Converters in the market, few of them can truly meet your needs. They either have bad output quality or have not enough option of output formats. But I am sure TunesKit Audio Converter is the one deserves the fame. TunesKit Audio Converter is one of the most reliable programs that won't let you down. It's able to decrypt DRM from Apple Music and convert the M4P files to MP3 format while keeping the lossless music quality and ID tags.

apple music converter

TunesKit Audio Converter Key Features

  • Remove DRM from Apple Music losslessly
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV
  • Preserve original quality including ID3 tags
  • Convert Apple Music at a super-fast speed
  • Easy to operate with clear UI
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How to Convert Apple Music Tracks to MP3 with TunesKit Audio Converter

Simply follow the video tutorial or the guide to see how to convert your Apple Music songs to MP3 easily with TunesKit Audio Converter.

Step 1Load Apple Music Songs into TunesKit

add apple music songs

First of all, open TunesKit DRM Audio Converter on your computer. Then click the 'Add' button at the top center to import your Apple Music files to the program. Or you can open the Apple Music media folder and drag the target songs to the conversion window directly.

Step 2Select MP3 as Output Format

set mp3 output format

After importing the Apple Music tracks, you should click the 'Format' option at the bottom and select the output format as MP3. There you can also adjust the codec, channel, bit rate or sample rate to change the music quality in your way.

Step 3Convert Apple Music to MP3

convert apple music to mp3

Now, you can initiate the conversion process by clicking 'Convert' button on TunesKit interface. Then it will begin to convert the Apple Music songs to MP3 as expected. Wait till the conversion is done. You can find the well converted MP3 tracks via the 'converted' icon at the top.

Solution 2. Convert Apple Music Songs to MP3 with TunesKit Audio Capture

To get Apple Music as DRM-free MP3, some music recording software are also great choices. For instance, TunesKit Audio Capture, with which you can record the Apple Music tracks and save the files as MP3 format with high quality. Unlike the traditional audio recorder, this application is more intelligent as it's able to record multiple tracks simultaneously. It can also keep and fix the ID tags while recording Apple Music to MP3.

You can follow this tutorial: How to Record Apple Music to MP3 for more details.

tuneskit apple music recorder

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Final Words

To wrap it up, both ways are great options to convert your Apple Music to MP3 effortlessly. But if you are caring much about the output music quality, you are recommended to go for TunesKit Apple Music Converter instead of the Audio Capture, as the former is able to keep lossless quality while converting Apple Music files to MP3.

Disclaimer: When converting Apple Music to MP3, we don't encourage any commercial use. These solutions mentioned here are solely provided for Apple Music subscribers who want to back up the songs for personal use only. Please don't distribute the converted Apple Music tracks to others for commercial purpose.


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