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How to Remove DRM from Protected iBooks
Apple's iBooks are protected by FairPlay DRM and can't be recognised by non-Apple devices. This article will show you the tutorial to remove DRM lock from Apple iBooks by using TunesKit iBooks DRM Remover so that you can freely enjoy the iBooks on any eBook reading device.

How to Convert iBooks to Amazon Kindle eReaders
Because of the DRM protection on iBooks, you are not allowed to read any iBook file on Amazon Kindle devices or other non-Apple eReaders. In order to make the iBooks readable on Kindle, you should use TunesKit iBook Copy to get rid of the DRM restriction from the iBooks by following the guide in this article.

How to Convert DRM iBooks to PDF Format
Apple iBooks are DRM-protected ePub files that can only be read on Apple's iOS and Mac OS X. This tutorial will guide you to easily convert the DRM-ed iBooks ePub format to the commonly used PDF so that you can read the iBooks on more eReaders.

How to Convert DRM-free iBooks with Calibre
Calibre is a free eBook converter software and eBook manager that could help you convert among different eBook formats. In this article, you'll find the complete guide to convert the DRM-free iBook files to other formats by using Calibre eBook converter freeware.

Top 10 Most Anticipated iBooks of 2016
We are listing the top 10 most expected iBooks to be released in the year of 2016 for the eBook readers. You can refer to this page to find out whether they are the ones you wish to read in 2016.

Apple iBooks vs. Amazon Kindle: Which is Better
iBooks and Kindle are two largest online eBook services in the world. We made a deep comparison between them from the key features of the eBook reading app, prices of the eBooks, design, etc. in order to help you make a better decision when you want to choose the best eReader for you.

How to Read iBooks on Android Devices
This tutorial will guide you to easily and completely transfer iBooks to read on Android phones and tablets by removing the DRM from the iBooks for good.

How to Convert ePub Books to Mobi Format
This is a full guide to show you how to easily convert the DRM-free and DRM-ed ePub eBooks to Mobi format so that you can freely read the ePub files on your Amazon Kindle eReaders.

Complete Tutorial to Convert ePub to PDF
If you are looking for a solution to convert your ePub ebooks to PDF format in order to read the books on more eBook reading devices, then you can follow this tutorial to find out the best ways to convert DRM-free and DRM-ed ePub files to PDF with ease.

Top 3 eBook Readers for Mac OS X
When you need to read eBooks on your Mac, it's necessary to find out a great eBook reading app for Mac. Here's a roundup of top 3 best free ebook readers available for Mac that you can't miss.

How to Gift an iBook from iBooks Store and iTunes on iOS, Mac, PC
If you want to send an iBook as gift to your family or friends but don't know where to begin, you can follow this complete guide to see how to gift iBooks from iBooks store or iTunes on iOS, Mac, or PC.

Top 10 Free Books to Download via iBooks
This is a collection of the top-rated 10 best free eBooks on iBooks store for you to download. If you are looking to build your library with some highly reviews iBooks, these titles can't be missed.

Things You Need to Know about iBooks and iBooks Store
In order to help you get the most out of iBooks and iBooks store, we collected some useful tips of iBooks in this article that you may not know yet.

Top 10 Free Halloween eBooks for Kids
Are you looking for children's Halloween ebooks that will entertain younger kids? Here we've put together the top 10 best free Halloween children's books that your kids will love to read at Halloween bedtime.

Complete Guide to Remove DRM from Any eBook You Own
DRM locks the use of eBooks you own. This article explains how to remove DRM from any type of protected eBook, including Kindle ebooks and iBooks so that you can enjoy them anywhere.